WP Banners Lite

WP Banners Lite is a plugin which allows you to manage banners on your website. You can use as many different types of banners as you wish. Just create desired banner type and implement it into your theme. If you wish to manage and sell banner spots directly to advertisers, get full version of this plugin.

How to use WP Banners Lite plugin?

1. Upload folder “wp-banners-lite” (and its content) into your WordPress plugin folder (normally it is /wp-content/plugins/).

2. Go to WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin in plugin sections (like you do for any other plugins). Once activated, it will create a menu “Banners Lite” in left side column in the admin area. This menu contains several menu items.

3. Click left side menu “Banners Lite >>> Settings” and do required settings. There are a few of them. Please look at the screenshots below to see what kind of settings you can do there:
WP Banners Lite: Settings page

4. Click left side menu “Banners Lite >>> Banner Types”. In this section you can create and manage available banner types. You must create at least one banner type.
WP Banners Lite: Banner Types
WP Banners Lite: Add New Banner Type

5. After banner type created, click “Embed codes” icon. After that you see the page with different embed codes for this banner type.
WP Banners Lite: Embed Codes

6. Edit your theme files and insert one of these embed codes in those place where you wish to see banners.

7. Click left side menu “Banners Lite >>> Banners”. In this section you can create and manage your banners.
WP Banners Lite: Banners
WP Banners Lite: Add New Banner

Enjoy the plugin!

Click link below to download the plugin:
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Download WP Banners Lite from WordPress plugin repository.

Get full version of this plugin and sell banner spots directly to advertisers. Try full version here.


  1. Hi,

    In the beginning your plugin looked great, but I can only add one banner?

    The second and third are going into Blocked/Pending status. And when I try to get it out (by clicking on the icon at the right), I get a warning, hit OK, and nothing happens… 😐

    what do I do wrong?

    If you want I can help you with translating this plugin to dutch?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Version 1.28 didn’t have rotation feature (it came from commercial version of this plugin where rotation were not implemented because banner slots are sold to advertisers). Now WP Banners Lite v.1.29 has rotation feature. You can create as many banners of the same type as you wish and they will be displayed randomly.
      Thank you for your offer to translate plugin to dutch. Probably I will do the plugin multilingual, but bit later.

  2. Hi, the ads don’t rotate well, i don’t know if there’s cache problem but it alway the same ads appearing.

    After i found unblock banner and get this error
    ERROR: You can not unblock this banner, because there is another active banner of this type in rotation.

    is this the lite thing, not very usefull

  3. hi me again, sorry for the last comment, but i saw many ads plugin and your can be very good with ads rotation options. like if we could choose the same ads group in the dropdown for many banner and create a rotation between many ads at the same place.


    • Hi gino. Version 1.28 didn’t have rotation feature (it came from commercial version of this plugin where rotation were not implemented because banner slots are sold to advertisers). Now WP Banners Lite v.1.29 has rotation feature. You can create as many banners of the same type as you wish and they will be displayed randomly.

  4. I installed this plugin on a test/new version of my site I’m installing. When I use it, it works, but the banners have a white border around them. How do I get this NOT to display? Tkx.

    • Please let me see URL of your website.

      • I forgot I posted this. I got back to working on ads, and the white banner is still there. The site is private, not launched yet. I can send you details via email if you want.

    • Was there a resolution to this? I am having the same issue. GREAT plugin, so I don’t want to find a different one to replace it. If it showed the whole border, that’d be one thing.. but it cuts off on the right hand side for some reason.

  5. Can I add some flash banner?

  6. hi,

    I just installed your plugin. I am using twenty eleven theme. I am unable to align the banner beside the logo. it is displaying either above or below the logo.

    I know that this is not a plugin issue. Can you please help me what to do?

    I am a dumb novice to wordpress.


  7. Привет, Иван!
    Есть проблема. Баннера обрезаются почти под ноль, но если авторизоваться – отображаются нормально. порылся везде – не смог пофиксить, может у тебя будет идея? Нид хелп!
    Banner is cut.
    But, if i logged – issue is not reproducing. Could you help me? Thank you

    • Приветствую. Поглядел HTML-код страницы. В хидере не подключается front.css из плагиновской папки (http://1488px.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-banners-lite/css/front.css). Происходит это скорее всего потому, что отсутствует вызов wp_head() в хидере шаблона (обычно все шаблоны имеют вызов этой функции, в противном случае добрая чать плагинов не будет робить). Если дадите FTP-доступ (можно выслать на мыло ichurakov, что на gmail.com), могу глянуть, что не так.

  8. Добрый день, Иван! Есть ли русская локализация плагина? ;))))
    И второй вопрос: как разрешить использование плагина неадмином (а, скажем, редактором сайта)
    В файле wp-banners-lite на строке 105 есть проверка is_admin, может, её можно заменить на что-то ещё?

  9. есть.
    на строке 214
    define(“wpbl_PERMISSION”, “add_users”);
    можно заменить add_users на любую другую способность

    спасибо за плагин, чудная по своей лёгкости вещь! вот только возможности локализации и вставки флеша не хватает… пойду переводить на русский ручками )

    • Спасибо за фидбэк. Локализации пока нет – то руки не доходят, то энтузиазизм отсутствует. 🙂 А SWF не поддерживаю, т.к. флэш потихоньку вымирает. 🙂
      Насчет строчки 214 вы правы. Замените add_users на что-нить менее сильное. Например, на edit_posts.
      Строка 105 (там, где is_admin) относится к тому, какая часть сайта отображается: Front End или Dashboard.

  10. The banner does not appear in the live preview (or my testing server) although it seems all the settings are correct.

    Do I have to point to a specific page of the website or is the index ok?

  11. breon snowdon

    Hi, Love the plugin but I cant seem to get the banner to display? or its just showing a small bit of it? any ideas would be great!

    (I have put one in the sidebar and one in the post)

    Sites just been started development: http://www.africandatinguk.com/?p=1

    Cheers B

  12. is there a simply way, in the plugin code, to adjust a banner pool (a type of banner) to display more than one banner at a time? ex. I have 10 banners, and I want to display 6 of them horizontally in my footer, but have each page load rotate through the same pool? Thanks

  13. Great plugin, works good, but ..
    Anyone else having trouble in IE? On the site I’m working on – http://www.AirdrieOnline.com – in IE 8/9, the banners are not showing up properly on the right side. FF and Chrome works fine.

    Would love a suggestion or two on how to fix.

  14. Hello Ivan, great plugin, but I’m wondering about how extensive is the IE support.

    The website in question – http://www.airdrieonline.com – is showing the banners on the right. Only one of the two rotating banners are showing.

    What can be done to have both banners displayed? The banners shows up no problem in FF / Chrome.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  15. A couple of days ago, my banners stopped displaying in IE8 and IE9 …. any ideas or fixes ??

  16. В плагине есть неприятная бага. Путь к картинкам жёстко вбит wp-content/uploads. И поэтому при изменённой папке плагин не работает. Пришлось принудительно патчить на функцию wp_upload_dir().

    Следующее – была бы хорошей возможность задавать какой-то баннер “по умолчанию”, когда все коммерческие баннеры кончились.

    • Спасибо, Алекс. Обязательно поправлю, как только руки дойдут.

  17. Hi
    I have questions, how to move banner on the midle of website? Because at the minute all the ime sticky to left site. You can check http://nooblandia.com
    Thanks on advice

    • Hi. You can do it several ways:
      1. Wrap banner code with tags: <center>…</center>. This is obsolete tag, but it works.
      2. Place banner code inside of DIV container: <div style=”text-align: center”> banner code here </div>

  18. подскажите, пожалуйста, почему у меня банеры не отображаются?
    хотя даже счетчик считает показ при обновлении страницы.
    банер в футере http://drspot.net78.net/

    • Взгляните на исходный код: http://drspot.net78.net/wp-content/plugins/wp-banners-lite/wpbanners_show.php?id=1&cid=a_f31b20466ae89669f9741e047487eb37
      Похоже ваш хосинг-провайдер добавляет свой код:

      Его там не должно быть.

      • Спасибо большое за быстрый ответ! буду пробовать на другом хостинге)

  19. Hi there – I have followed your instructions but I cant seem to see the “Embed Codes Icon” anywhere to get the codes… can you help please?

  20. Hi Ivan:

    I really love the WP Banners Light. It works really well. I wanted to know if there is a way for the hyperlink to stay within the website and not open a new window.


    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Brett. Many thanks for your feedback. Please open file wpbanners_show.php, find line #50 and remove substring: target=”_blank”

  21. Hi Ivan:
    Many many thanks. That worked perfectly!

  22. works fine, too bad it doesn’t have a widget. Now I need to paste the embed code into a text widget.
    Wouldn’t be to hard to make a widget which does that

  23. Hi Ivan:
    Another question. I am setting up the production website and the shortcodes stopped working in the right sidebar of the website. I placed the shortcodes using the text widget. Any suggestions?


  24. I can”t load any image:-( It wont load. Anyone know why?

  25. Hello,

    I’m using the widget option to display the banners. But the space between de banners is very big. How can I make this space smaller, so the banners are closer to each other?

  26. im have created a banner type, and a banner. but when i insert the code in the text widget or use the short code and insert it at the botton of teh page, nothing happens…cant see it.

  27. Спасибо за чудный плагин. То, что, мне как раз и нужно было для маленького сайта, а не установка крутилок предназначенных для порталов.
    Еще раз Спасибо!

  28. how to create page so webmaster can submit their links with their images??

    I’ve read on commercial one,you create page and then added [wpbanners-signup]

    What about wp banners lite? how do I make new page with [wpbanners-signup] function??

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi. You can submit links and images through admin panel.
      Shortcode [wpbanners-signup] is for users only. It is used to sell banner spots to users.

  29. Hello, i just installed your plugin and make a 728×90 banner type for test.

    when adding banner i receive:

    ERROR: The following error(s) occured:
    – banner image size must be 728×90

    I try to make and 728×90 image with gimp, then download some 728×90 image on google image, but still same issue 🙁

    any idea to help me ?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Sébastien. Did you try other sizes? What image type did you use for 728×90 banner.

  30. Hi Ivan,

    I was wondering if it was possible to rotate the banners every 3 seconds instead of them rotating on a click or refresh.


  31. Hi,

    There is a way to force to NOT show the same banner 2 times ?
    Could you implement it ? For example, lets assume I make a “banner type” containing 2 diffent banners, sometimes I see 2 times the same banner. Can you inhibit this behavior ?

  32. Hello, I don´t know if plugin has this option, but I didn´t find it.

    I would like to be abel to renew banners and don´t create it again, is posible? Thanks in advance!

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