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Let’s imagine that we have non-WordPress website with blog section driven by WordPress. It would be great if we could display some blog data on main non-WordPress website. Isn’t it? For example, we want to show recent posts from our blog on main website. Now we can do it with WordPress Integrator plugin.

WordPress Integrator generates and handles CSS and JavaScript embed-code to display WordPress data on non-WordPress part of website or even on third party websites. You only have to copy and paste small piece of code into non-WordPress pages.

As a demo, I activated the plugin on this website and it generated code like below. You can copy code and paste into any webpage. As result you see 10 of my recent posts. 🙂 Try it. If you have no time, click here: I don’t have enough time to copy-paste, but I want to see the demo. 🙂

At present time plugin handles “Recent Posts”, “Categories” and “Tag Cloud”. If you wish the plugin to display more data (“Pages”, “Archives” or whatever) from your blog, please let me know.

Plugin is translation ready. Please help to translate it to different languages.

Download plugin from WordPress plugin repository


  1. Nice idea !

    However, I tried it and doesn’t work … maybe conflict with cache ? (w3 total cache)

  2. yes, I have permalinks (ex. http://www.astrasuite.com/astrablog/2012/02/13/my-sonic-lab-hyper-eminent-mc-phono-cartridge/)

    One thing I noticed, this wp-integrator.js is not found in my folder blog folder.

    • wp-integrator.js doesn’t have to be existed. URL is parsed by plugin. Anyway, please try version 1.29.

  3. Ok, will try now …

  4. Perfect, it works now, expect my donation to you in a while 🙂

    • Many thanks Joe. I appreciate it. 🙂

      • No problem, great work.

        Just one last question … here it is in action, under News Section :

        How do I get the cursor to be a hand like all the rest when hovering over the links ?


        • I’m sorry, I didn’t catch exactly what you mean. When I hover over the links it is “hand like”. Please describe.

          • Sorry, was out of my desk.

            Anyway, now I see, it is a problem only with Firefox, whatever latest version. No problem in Chrome and IE’s latest versions, cursor is a hand …

            All these different browsers can be a headache sometimes …

          • Please try version 1.30.

          • Plugin will generate bit different embed code, so please use it on non-WordPress part. Many thanks for helping me to make the plugin better.

          • Ah. I see what you mean. Let me try to fix it for FF.

          • Excellent, Ivan, all fine now with these 3 browsers. They exhibit different hover colors, but I can live with that.

            Thanks !

  5. Thanks for all your help, this is a great plugin for our usage, having a main website and a news section (blog).

    One question, this time on optimization. We use the javascript code on our non-wordpress site almost at the top of the html.

    Is there a way where we can put the javascript way below in the section just before the closing body tag of the HTML (where our other js are) ?

    Then the webpage can render the page without waiting for the javascript to finish.

    Thanks, it will be great if possible.

    • Hi Joe. I understand your idea. I will update the plugin in couple days.

    • Hi Joe. I’ve updated the plugin. Now you can split embed-code into two parts. First part is a DIV-container that is placed where you want WordPress data to render. Second part is a render call. It is placed at the end of HTML-document, before tag .

      • Perfect, thanks ! Now, when reloading, I don’t see it holding back rendering of the stylesheet.

        You have been very good at your work and responsive, I’ll give this plugin 10 stars if I can 🙂

  6. Smooth… any plans to add custom post-type support?

  7. Hello again !

    I have 2 categories that I do not want to display in “Recent Posts” when I post an article under their category. Can you help get this done ? I can insert the code if needed …

    Thanks !

    • Thanks, I managed to make the modification after experimenting (since I don’t know php). I just added the ‘category_not_in’ parameter to the WP_Query

      $r = new WP_Query(array(‘posts_per_page’ => $number, ‘no_found_rows’ => true, ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’, ‘ignore_sticky_posts’ => true, ‘category__not_in’ => array( 240, 41, 47, 383 )));

  8. Hi, does this work with WordPress 5 ? My Recent Posts no longer show up in the non-Wordpress website …


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