Exit Through Google +1

Exit Through Google +1 is a plugin that raises popup box once user clicked any external links in your posts/pages or comments. Popup box suggests user either to +1 your webpage on Google for immediate redirection to target link or to wait some time to be redirected. To see how it works please visit demo page. Delay period, content and size of popup box is configured through settings page. Settings page also has an option to exclude any external links from consideration.

This is good solution for website promotion via Google Plus social network and Google Search. Google Plus is fast-growing social network. And Google is most popular search engine as well as most visited website in the world. Nice spot for your website promotion. Isn’t it? Exit Through Google +1 plugin will help to add thousands of fans to your WordPress site on Google and get more traffic.


  • Take some traffic from Google: get more fans on Google Plus and increase organic traffic.
  • Easy to install: do it like with any WordPress plugin.
  • Customize popup box: use WYSIWYG editor to customize popup box and set box size.
  • Exclude desired external links: if you don’t need popup box for particular links, you can exclude them from plugin consideration.
  • Set delay length: determine the length of delay period.
  • No 3rd party popup engines: plugin uses WordPress native UI dialog widget, Thickbox.
  • Keep your SEO score: external links are replaced by internal links.
  • Remember users who already clicked like: plugin set cookie on users machine to avoid repeated popups on the same page.

If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contat me and I’ll help you.

Plugin is available on CodeCanyon.

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July 2020