Paid downloads plugin

Paid downloads plugin easily allows you to sell any digital content. The plugin automatically delivers the product (temporary encrypted download link) to your customer after completed payment done via PayPal, AlertPay or InterKassa. You only need to upload files and insert shortcodes like [paiddоwnloads id=”XXX”] into your posts or pages.


  • Obsolete php function “eregi” replaced by “preg_match”.
  • Fixed problem with UTF-8 characters submitted to PayPal.


  • Added option to request shipping address from PayPal.
  • Added option to view transaction details.


  • InterKassa payment method added (BETA).


  • AlertPay payment method added (BETA).
  • Plugin is translation ready.


  • Added option to use Merchand ID as well as PayPal e-mail ID.
  • Increased maximum size for custom “Buy Now” button (up to 600×600).
  • Plugin architecture changed.
  • Old shortcode was replaced by new shortcode . Old shortcode works too!
  • Typos fixed.

Using the plugin

1. Install and activate the plugin like you do with any other plugins. Once activated, it will create a menu “PDownloads” in left side column in the admin area.

2. Click left side menu “PDownloads >>> Settings” and do required settings. Set your PayPal ID, AlertPay ID, InterKassa parameters, e-mail address for notifications, e-mail templates for success and failed payments, download link lifetime, etc. You also can customize “Buy Now” button.
Paid Downloads plugin: Settings page

3. Click left side menu “PDownloads >>> Files” and upload the files you would like to sell. In this section you also can set the price for your files, see all payment transactions, generate and see temporary download links. Also you can upload large files through FTP-connection (upload them to folder /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/) and assign them in this section.
Paid Downloads plugin

4. Once file uploaded look at column “Short Code”. This is short code which you can insert into your posts or pages. The short code is like that: [paiddоwnloads id=”XXX”] (XXX – is an ID of file). You also can extend this short code by adding return_url parameter. For example, if you wish to redirect your customers to “” page after successfull payment, you can insert the following short code:
[paiddоwnloads id=”XXX” return_url=””]

5. Go to any post/page edit page and insert short code there. This short code will be replaced by “Buy Now” button automatically (or by download link if the price is 0.00).
Paid Downloads plugin
Paid Downloads plugin

The workflow at front-end

If user decides to purchase your digital product, he/she can select desired payment method and click “Buy now” button. After that the user will be redirected to PayPal, AlertPay or InterKassa website to do the payment. After payment was done (completed and cleared), the user receives download link which is valid 2 days (period of validity is defined by administrator). Download link is sent to user’s PayPal or AlertPay e-mail. If user paid with InterKassa, download link is sent to e-mail entered during payment procedure.

I also would like to say “thank you” to everyone who leave feedbacks. It allows to improve quality of plugin.

Plugin is translation ready. Please help to translate it to different languages.

If you have any question please leave your comment below. Also, please read Paid Downloads FAQ.


  1. download link?

  2. Hi,

    I got a little problem, i tried to activate this plug and couldn’t. Finding that :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homez.338/aboomudj/www/wp-content/plugins/paid-downloads/paid-downloads.php on line 16.

    I know I’m not on the last version of wp but i’m over 3.0 .
    If u could help me………

    Best regards.

  3. Hi Tristesse,

    It seems you have PHP version under 5.0 on your server. Please check it and let me know.


  4. I tried to upload a ZIP-file of about 22 MB, but it failed. Smaller files in M4A-format work, but imagine selling a music album with 10 songs without a shopping basket, the buyer will have to do 10 buys. Not sustainable…

    Or have I missed something?

    • Hello Martin. To upload large files it is necessary to increase values of these parameters in your php.ini file: upload_max_filesize and post_max_size.

      • Contacted my ISP and they refuse to do anything to the php.ini… So I’m stuck with a max file size of 12 MB with PHP. With FTP, I can upload much larger files, but that doesn’t help me… A real shame because I really liked this plug-in.

        Any chance of implementing a PayPal shopping cart instead of only a Buy Now-button?

        Or any other tips or tricks to solve the php-issue?

        • Hi Martin. The niche of this plugin is to sell single files that sometimes is much easier for customers. Probably I will create another shopping cart in the future (but I’m not sure when exactly).
          About solving the problem of large files. I will check the possibilities to create alternate ways to upload them. Now you can try to do the following:
          1. Create php.ini file which contains 3 lines of code:

          file_uploads = On
          upload_max_filesize = 128M
          post_max_size = 128M

          2. Upload this file into plugin folder: /wp-content/plugins/paid-downloads/

          Hope it helps you to solve the problem.

          • Hello. I’d also be very grateful if you would consider creating a similar plugin which includes a shopping cart! I have been testing out the plugin as it is and am very impressed with its simplicity, thank you.

          • Hi Sarah. I’m thinking to create new plugin which will include shopping cart. I don’t want to add shopping cart to this plugin because I try to keep it as simple as possible.

          • Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, creating the php.ini in that folder didn’t have any effect at all.

          • Hi Martin. I see the uploading of large files is the problem for many people. I will try to fix it in next version.

      • Hi,
        I changed the values in my php.ini, but the upload aborted without any message.

        What could be wrong?

        I tried to upload a mp3-file with 86MB.


        • Hi Christoph. Right now I can’t help you. But I will do my best to fix the problem in the next version.

          • Hi,
            I talked with my hoster and they have a global value for upload_max_file_size and post_max_size. This value could not be changed by my individual php.ini. 🙁

            Is there a way to connect a file, uploaded via ftp before, with a “product” in the plugin? This would solve the problem.


          • hi … where do i find the php.ini file?

            thank you

          • Hi. Just create it by yourself and put into plugin folder.

        • I tried the php.ini and it DID work. Thanks for such a great service.

  5. Will this plugin work on a multiple author site? I mean will members of my site be able to use it to sell their downloadable products?

  6. every time i click upload new file i get the error message An error occured.

    • Hi David. Please make sure that directory /wp-content/plugins/paid-downloads/ has permissions 0755 (not 0777).

      • Yes, the “/paid-downloads/” is set on 755 and the “upload” folder in it is set on 777.

        Some people having the same problem?

        This is urgent..

        Thank you,

        • Nobody asked me this question. Does it work now?

          • Nope, not working.. 🙁

          • Dave, do you get the same error message “An error occured”. If so please let me know the URL of website where you tries to use the plugin.

        • Where do I adjust the permissions for paid downloads? It worked fine for 20 + downloads until today, when I tried uploading a new file and got the error:

          “ERROR: Service is not available.”

          What do I do now?

  7. Dave Miller

    I am testing this out and the plugin installs ok, and I have set everything up with no problems, but when I put the code for the product on a page it does not display the paypal button. I have yet to check the version of php on the server, but would that cause this symptom? I do not get any error messages. Many thanks.

    • Hello Dave. Please let me know the URL of webpage where you insert Short Code.

      • The problem was. I have to ad an php.ini file in the /wp-content/plugins/paid-downloads/ folder.
        with the text “file_uploads = On”

        Thank you Ivan for your help 🙂

        Have a nice day,

      • I am having the same problem with the short code.

  8. This site is just for testing reason:
    See link:

    • Thanks Dave. I found the reason. You have PHP parameter “file_uploads” set as “Off” in your php.ini. It is necessary to set it “On”.


  10. Sorry, nevermind works great! This is awesome! Thanks!

  11. How do I test that the download link is sent and works without having to buy my own book?

    • Hi Chris. To test the full process you can create product which costs $0.01 and buy it. After purchasing you get download link and can download the product.

      • That doesn’t work because it won’t allow me to log into my paypal account as the seller and buyer…

        • I had someone test it and the link they got with the payment was my wordpress login page…

          • Ok, so I figured out that I needed to take out some of the code to direct the buyer to the page…is there a way to change what the short code reads to the name of the book or something that makes sense to someone to click on besides the link that is the short code?

          • The short code on the page that they are directed to when there is a purchase made…the actual download page is what I am looking to replace with a sensible word. Is that possible?

          • Hi Chris. I will think about that.

          • Thanks! I will keep checking back to see if there is a change that can be made to make it easier to understand for people who are not download savvy. I really love this plug in and thank you so much!

  12. Great work – one of the best plugins out there !!!

    Had a couple of questions –
    What does the generate temporary download link button next to each file do?
    When you click it, it asked for the link owner – what/who is that?

    Also, what is the best way to handle updated software, say someone buys a file and a few days later we come up with a newer version and want to give all paid customers the newer file – how do we do that?
    Seems like a common scenario.

    Thanks again

    • Got the first one – you need to enter an email in the link owner and they get a link to download the file.
      That would also (temporarily) solve the second problem – just generate temporary links for all registered users manually I guess.

      • Hi John. The e-mail you entered during manual download link generating is just e-mail of person who you provide this link for. It was created to track “who uses download links”. For example if somebody published download link on forums you will know who is it. When you create download link manually, the link is not sent to person automatically. You have to do it by yourself.
        About second question. It is not implemented into plugin.

        • Thanks – I guess you can accomplish the second requirement by giving everyone the manual download link – is that correct?

  13. Hi

    Was very excited to find this plugin. But, after installing and configuring it, I noticed that it disabled one of the widgets in my sidebar. I run the Unspoken theme by WPShower. There is a TABS widget that runs the tabs you see under the Flickr stream on the right-hand side of my site, near the bottom.

    Disabled the plugin, hey presto all the tabs are back.

    Happy – if necessary – to make you an admin of my site and make a donation if we could get this problem sorted as I am keen to get some digital downloads on my site. Thanks.

    • Hm. Probably it is some Javascript conflict. Could you please provide URL of your website for review.

      • Hi, I have the same problem. Is there any way how to fix it? I have to solve it very quickly… Anyway this plugin is very good thank you!:)

  14. Is there any way to use Paypal’s test/sandbox mode of live mode only?

    • Hi Casey. Right now it doesn’t allow to use PayPal Sandbox, but I will include it into next version.

  15. Hi,

    Is there a way to set a maximum number of downloads? For instance… if I only want to sell an item once, I want the pay button to be removed from the post.

    • Hi Dirk. Thanks for your message. I think I can include this option into next version.

      • Any idea on when the next version will be released? 😉

        • I’m not sure exactly. Right now I am busy with other works. Sorry.

          • Sorry to bother you again but I was just wondering if you already know when an update will be available…

      • I can’t see the ‘download-once’ option in the new plugin update so I’m guessing I still have to wait? 🙁

  16. hi there found your plugin and it works really great for smaller files but not slightly bigger ones. I tried the php.ini but that didn’t do anything. I can upload the files via ftp no problem. is there any way of linking the file that way after upload has taken place? thanks for your time.

    • Hello Caroline,
      Thanks for your feedback. I will explore the possibilities to upload large files. Hope I will include into next version.

  17. I use Plugin with my Theme( have problem with action Tumnail.Tumnail is no active when I use Plugin.What happend? ❓ (Now my web Deactivate Paid Downloads)

  18. Wow! I love this – is there a way to add more than one file at a time (more like the paypal shopping cart?) Thanks so much…

    • Thanks a lot DillyDahlia,
      I’m trying to keep this plugin as simple as possible (ASAP :-D). That’s why I don’t want to extend it to shopping cart. But I’m thinking to create another plugin to implement shopping cart.

  19. Is there anyway to integrate the plugin with Paypal sandbox for testing purposes?

  20. One option that I’d really like to see is the ability to set the return page. Currently the return page is the page the order button is on.

    I’d like to be able to specify the return page to a thank you page.

  21. I installed the plug in and every time I try to upload a file it errors and tells me that I need to upload the file. It will show me a progress bar as if the file is uploading but in the end it never does. Any ideas? 😛

    • Does your server allow file uploading? Please let me know the values of these parameters in php.ini: file_uploads, upload_max_filesize, post_max_size.

  22. I’ve been using the plugin ok but today I went and updated the paypal account that we were using to a different one. All I did was change the paypal account. Now the orders process ok but the email with the download link never gets sent. We know we are using a valid email account and all funds are transferred ok.

    • The emails do not end up in the junk/spam folder either. And nor do we get the admin emails.

    • I switched back to the original paypal acct and started receiving download links again. I can’t use this account. Is there something I need to do on the new paypal acct to get the downloads to send?

    • Hi Casey. Please check that you didn’t specify IPN-handler inside of you PayPal account.

  23. Thanks for creating this plug-in. I was able to download it and update my settings without any issues. However, when I went to put a picture in a new post, it would just hang up and do nothing. I de-activated the plug-in and whallah, I’m able to add media again without any problems. I’d love to be able to use this plug-in, but I have to be able to add pictures. Any ideas what a very non-techie person like me can do to fix it?

    • Hi Shauna. It seems there is some JavaScript-conflict. I will check it.

      • Same thing…when upgrading Simple:Press, or using simple:press functions, you have to deactivate this plugin for them to work.

  24. Multi-vendor blog: you can put different email for each product (vendor)?

  25. I’m running your plugin on a VPS with a stock WP install (no other addins installed/enabled, default theme). Doing some testing, I notice that the downloads sometimes fail. I’m wanting to sell videos (about 10 minutes in length, HD, file size around 150 – 200mb). Downloads are successful about half of the time, but the other half, part of the file downloads, then it errors out and I only get a partial file. I’ve tested this on my own computer with IE, Firefox and Chrome. I’ve also tried the download on my Android and get the same issue. I had another user who wanted to buy a video before my site went live (still isn’t live) and I sent him a link and he also had the same issue, however, a different user had no problems at all.

  26. Roles and Capabilities contributor: how do I show contributor (sellers)the interface of the paid download plugins to monitor the sales?

    • +2 on both of Klaus’ replies.

      I’ve been working on a CMS with this plugin and 24 others included to build an Ecommerce Community CMS app.

      I have yet to figure out how to add the number of downloads to the front-end product display page.

      Adding chained or parallel payments with PayPal would be a huge time saver for running such a script.

      Please see the product demo page of my new WordPress Theme for an example: Demo Link

      Thanks for any solutions you find regarding getting the number of downloads on the front-end & adding chained payments.

      Awesome Plugin,
      Sean Sr. –

  27. Is there a way to attach 2 files to one download? I saw something about a zip file before. Will that work if I’m trying to bundle 2 products together?

    • Hi Diane. No, there is no such option.

    • 😀
      Yes there Diane, you simply download winzip for free & then “zip” your files which automatically compresses the file size and you can upload the zip file as your downloadable product. Very standard.

  28. Looks like a good product. Thanks.
    I got everything set up and went through the ordering process (2 times). The payment was completed. I never received the download email.
    I am using the plugin WP-Mail-SMTP, which is setup to send all WP email. Test email works.
    In PayPal, do I need to activate IPN? It won’t let me unless I specify an address.
    Thanks for your helpfulness.

  29. Looks like I was too hasty. Everything is working as designed.
    Thanks so much for your work.

  30. I downloaded and installed this plugin from the WP plugin directory this morning. On install and set up all was ok.

    I then went to post a new blog post and the buttons for upload/insert media just above the content area where you write the blog post, didn’t work. Normally they display as a floating dive over the top for you to upload or insert the media that you want. Clicking these buttons did nothing.

    The only change that I had made since doing this previously was upload your plugin.

    On deactivating the plugin these insert buttons worked again fine.

    Could you have a look at this please?

  31. Installed the plugin, everything seemed to work fine. However, when I tried a “test” purchase the money was received (PayPal) but no email was sent to the buyer with the download link. Please help!

  32. Install was quick and simple, however, when we made a purchase the Paypal account WAS charged but no email with the download link was sent to buyer. Please help us out! Thank you -Hank

  33. I’m not clear on whether or not the user must have a PayPal account or not. Do they?
    Thanks for a great plugin. I was using, or I should say, trying to use WP e-commerce and it just never worked, so thanks. I got my first sale today, so it’s working great.

  34. Hello,

    I have video files already on my server.
    My WordPress files are also on my server.
    The uploads didn’t work, they timed out. Also, because it took me a few days to put those files on my server, I would like to avoid doing it again through your interface.
    My question is: where should I move my files, in what folder, to be seen by this plugin, and not go through a re-upload?

    Thanks a lot!

  35. Excellent plugin, exactly what I was looking for.

    However there seems to be some issues when using this plugin with the Newsletter plugin from Tribulant.
    I think it has something to do with javascript as when this plugin is activated it prevents you from opening/closing content boxes on the newsletter plugin.

  36. It looks cool – have downloaded it – and it looks promising – BUT – I really, really miss other currencies – like DKR (danish) – Do you know if this is goning to happen (soon ;-)?

  37. well – actually the correct curency for danish kroner in Denmark is just : kr

    I hope this is possible, because I think this is the coolest plugin…

  38. Hi

    I am working on a site for a client and this plugin is EXACTLY what they need. However, I have another plugin installed, smooth slider, which they insist on having. When I activate your plugin, it disables the scrolling feature of the slider. Do you have any suggestions?


  39. Hi,

    Trying to adjust robokassa, I’ve got

    Service is not available now!
    Please try again later.

    I’ve tried many times and checked all the setting – can’t work it out.

    Please advise.

    P.S. By the way, what should be success and fail urls.

    Many thanx,

  40. This is a great product, thanks so much! I’ve got it working on a number of sites, however it doesn’t seem to play well with the BizThemes Berita theme… the home page slider won’t show up if the paid downloads plugin is activated. Otherwise, great stuff.

  41. Are there any plans for implementing more currency types – specifically Canadian dollars?

  42. Hi,
    It is interesting that in the response email the plugin makes use of some variable names, like {payer_email}. These are the data Paypal sends back with IPN, right? Would it be possible to extend the plugin to use these data to generate a serial number for the product and include it in the email sent? E.g. inserting {serial} would take {payer_name},{product_title}, etc., scramble and write the generated serial number into the email.
    If not with your plugin, could you please direct me to some helpful resource in this topic?

  43. Hi,
    I wouldn’t really sell files (demos would be freely downloadable) but rather licenses. So I am looking for a solution to get the buyer data from Paypal after payment and automatically generate a license serial number for that person for that particular product. The serial number should be sent to the customer with the confirmation email right after the purchase. Could this be achieved by your plugin?

  44. can you put 3 or 4 products together and sell as a package in one post

  45. Hi I got really excited about this plugin, it was so easy to install and set up. But I need to sell a package of relaxation mp3s which turns out to be far too big to be uploaded via this plugin.

    Any idea when you might have a version which can handle upload of large files?

    • The file size is not restricted by this plugin. File upload size is restricted by your web hosting server. Some servers allow you to edit these limits in a php.ini file. If not, you may upload the file via FTP (where there is no limit) and select the file to link it to a button using the plugin settings.

  46. Don’t forget for long files to set the execution time for php and post!

  47. I am have so slight problems. I try to upload a zip file that is 386mb and it gets to a 100% uploaded and then it just never shows up in the file library!!!
    this is kinda important that this works and urgent…

    So do you know what I can do????

  48. Hi! Thanks for your effort to create this great plugin. I’m having problem to upload files, where when I clicked “Upload New File”, it shows “An Error Occured” inside a modal window(fancybox).

    I read some of the comments above.. and checked for the FTP file permission.. It is set on 0755. And I tried adding a php.ini file into the plugin directory with the “file_uploads = On” inside it.. it didn’t work too. Looking for a fix.

    Thanks in advance.

  49. I just downloaded this plugin and all worked we’ll except it disables the slider on my home page. I saw from earlier posts that there may by javascript compatibility issues? Can this be fixed? I’d really like to use this plugin. Thanks.

  50. Hell yes, i want i compose affair like this if it were not that didnt have measure, may i repost this Paid downloads plugin | Unique WordPress Plugins

  51. I got this fatal error while activating the plugin:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in /nfs/c02/h05/mnt/26856/domains/ on line 731

    Any idea why?

  52. I am having an issue with the javascript. I have a website that uses javascript to display images for preview but once i installed the program, the images are not displaying.

  53. Thanks for the plugin.

    Do you have a plug in that would support PayPal subscriptions from the same website ?

    Lloyd 🙂

  54. Hi,

    I’ve installed the plugin, fixed the settings, and tried uploading files twice. Both times my browser tells me the file has uploaded, and the page refreshes, but nothing shows up in my Files section.

    Any idea what’s going on?

    • This is not a plugin problem. This is caused by file upload size limits. Try editing a php.ini file to increase allowed upload sizes. Or else upload via ftp.

  55. Hello,

    your plug in is fantastic but I have a probleme make it works.
    I dowload a pdf, I generate a dowload link but when the user pay I receive this message:

    We would like to inform you that xx ( paid for on 2011-08-08 08:59:02 (server time). This is non-completed payment.
    Payment ststus: Pending

    Download link was not generated.

    Paid Downloads Plugin

    Do you have any idea, do I forgot or misconfigured something? Many thanks for your help

    • Download link is not generated until payment status is completed. Please check your paypal account. Make sure that your account is activated properly to receive payments.

  56. why??
    in this website header slideshow are not working…after activation on this plugin… my be js conflict… but this plugin is provided by theme … so any one help me to solve out this problem… which js conflicting…..


  57. hello,
    thanks for the plugin 🙂

  58. Hi
    This plugin is great. But I have changed my theme to iEducation 3.0 theme and it corrupts the home page (the slide show). Do you have s solution to this as I don’t want to change to another plugin?

  59. Hi, I keep trying to upload a product and I get a page that pops up saying we’ve happened upon a bit of a problem…500(internal sever error)…that we’re working furiously to correct. Things will be up and running again soon. Thanks for your patiences….Is this something I’m doing wrong or is this just a problem you or wordpress are having? and will it be fixed soon. Thanks 🙂

  60. Does paid downloads work with mail() or with SMTP?
    The point is: My provider disabled mail() due to problems with Spam. I use Configure SMTP, but I might use WP-Mail-SMTP instead. So, does paid downloads need the function mail() or does it work in combination with SMTP-configuration scripts?

  61. This is a great plugin, but my visitors generally use Canadian Currency (CAD) which is not currently an option. Can it be ?


  62. Great Plugin!! No problems with set up.

    What if the buyer is not a registered user with paypal and checks out as a guest? I manually send them the link?

    Where do I find this link and can I copy and paste it in an email?

    By reading the instructions I understand that by purchasing through a paypal account the buyer gets the link automatically via the shortcode?

    Thank you in advance.

    • When paying for the download the user has the option to pay with a paypal account or not. They may pay with credit card information if they wish.

  63. Like David, I found out that things work. Here some hints to understand what might delay emails sent out by the system. At your PayPal-Account, you have to make sure at the settings that payments are accepted automatically. If this is missing, the system will send out emails notifying you and the customer that there is a payment, but yet “pending” or “not recognized” etc. After editing my PayPal-settings and after setting currency to the national standard of my country, everything worked fine and at once!

  64. Hello there. I am using your plugin and have successfully sold several of my products using it! Thank you so much.

    I need to upload a large file, 150 mb, and was thinking if I converted the file to a .dat file, uploaded it to my server, and then change the name to the name of dummy file I upload through the plugin interface, that would solve the large file problem.

    But I haven’t been able to figure out how to convert a zip file to a .dat file.

    Do you think this solution could work. Do you know how I would convert the file?

  65. Hi – I have installed and activated the plugin but when I paste the short code eg: [paid-downloads id="1"] into the HTML coding part of my page, I don’t get a Paypal Button.
    I followed previous postings and created a php.ini file and uploaded it to wp-content/plugins/paid-downloads but it hasn’t made any difference.
    I would be grateful for any suggestions.

  66. Is there a way to generate a custom “successful purchasing body email”? This plugin does everything that I need except I would like to include a few simple instructions for my customers including the serial number for my product in the body of the email.

    I’m thinking the only way to do that now is to just put my .exe file within a .zip file with a “read me first” document. It would be nicer to have the ability to generate a custom email receipt instead of the general one with merged keyword bracket options. Thanks!

  67. Hi Like the plugin its perfect for my needs,
    Few issuse though,
    1/ Emails are not being sent out, i have tested it by buying the downloads that i am selling goes to paypal ok paypals email gets sent out but i do not recieve the emails generated by the plugin and now download link.
    2/ have made 6 sales but these sales are not showing up in the admin section of plugin, also these sales were made by me through a seperate paypal acc
    i use WP-Mail-SMTP. also i have IPN enabled in pay pal.

    Please assist me as i would like to use this plugin.


    Gareth Smith

  68. Just to clarify IPN in paypal is my sites URL ?
    if so then i have tryed every single setup availible in both mail settings and pay pal yet still cannot generate response emails and download links

  69. Hi, this plugin is really simple to usejavascript:grin(‘:razz:’), but I have a problem (as others already mentioned above): the buyer receives an email that the purchase is not completed, but he receives from PayPal that’s ok. The status on PayPal is “unclaimed”, status on plugin is “pending”and sales “0”.

    Thanks for helping fast (we open a charity exhibition for Japan Sunday 4 Sept)


  70. Hi again
    I found the solution: it was a PayPal problem: you have to choose the tool “website standard”; and NOT “PayPal for Digital Goods”

    The plugin works fine now!


  71. Where are the downloadable files located? Are they in the uploads folder? Thanks, nice plug in.

  72. hello there thanks for building a great plugging its just what i need, but they is only one problem? 😯 when i install the plugging it disable my mp3 player am using MP3jPlayer plugging who does it disable my mp3 from playing please help thanks 🙁

    • i have spend one week testing all other plugging and non of them seem to do the job for me but this one has everything i need, please help my solving this problem why doesn’t this plugging work with mp3jplayer i will donate $10 😎 please get back to me by emailing me

  73. This plugin is working great so far, except for the fact that when activated it disables the links in all other admin widgets like the Status/Visibility/Scheduled settings, the “Choose from most used tags” link, etc.

  74. I installed the plug in, set it up, some one purchased a product and its sent the money but its not showing anything in payment transactions or issued download links. there is something there now because i generated a temp download link.. Alsi would be nice to have the sandbox added to test…

  75. I generated a link and it never sent it to the email a used for email notifications..

  76. Hi.

    Could you please fix the SQL injection vulnerability in your plugin? Thank you.

    # Exploit Title: WordPress Paid Downloads plugin 1,BENCHMARK(5000000,MD5(CHAR(115,113,108,109,97,112))),0)–%20

    Vulnerable code
    $download_key = $_GET[“download_key”];
    $sql = “SELECT * FROM “.$wpdb->prefix.”pd_downloadlinks WHERE download_key = ‘”.$download_key.”‘”;
    $link_details = $wpdb->get_row($sql, ARRAY_A);

  77. Why does a free download not show up in admin , there is no way to track dowloads?
    Can some one help

  78. Can I suggest incorporating a couple of action/filters in your plugin. I wanted to integrate with WP-Affiliate but found I needed to add in the hooks to do so. Specifically, I added

    Line 682 of paid-downloads.php:

    This filter allows me to append the affiliate id onto the notify url.

    Then on line 82 of paypal_ipn.php I added:
    do_action('paiddownloads_process_affiliate',array('referrer'=>$_GET['ap_id'],'sale_amt'=>$gross_total,'txn_id'=>rand() .$item_number,'buyer_email'=>$payer_paypal));



  79. Hi

    I uploaded and tested this plugin and it was successful, but in my test with paypal it took 12 days for the file download link to arrive. I can’t believe it takes this long for payment approval. Is that something I can change in your plugin or is this a paypal issue?


    • Sounds like a paypal issue. Please check your account to confirm that it’s set up to receive payments. Download link is not sent until payment status is completed.

  80. FYI, are you planning to fix the security issues with this plugin? I’m happy to help some if you would like to add me as a contributor on wordpress … my id is mpvanwinkle77.

  81. Hey Ivan –
    Just curious if you’re planning to rewrite the queries to address the injection vulnerabilities soon?

    I love the plugin but can’t use it because of the vulnerabilities. Help!

  82. New version of plugin is available for downloading. The following issues were fixed:
    1. Security problem, stated by Miroslav Stampar
    2. Incompatibility with some Javascript
    3. etc.

  83. Hi there,

    How do we make pagination “Paid Download – Files” page? Can we limit the list to 10 per page and “search box” on top of the page? Thanks…

  84. Getting the following message when trying to upload a new file:

    ERROR: Service is not available

    Any ideas?

    • Ivan Churakov

      This error happens if plugin can’t write into DB. Did you use the plugin before? Or version 2.22 is your first installation of the plugin? If you used one before, probably you updated the plugin without deactivating it. So please desctivate it and activate again.
      What WordPress version do you use? What is MySQL version on your server?

  85. Hi Ivan,

    A quick deactivation then reactivation has solved the problem. Don’t know why i didn’t try that before posting.

    Cheers very much for the assistance.


  86. Hi there,
    I like your plugin and want to use it. Although I have uploaded pdf files. Today when I try to upload again, I get the following error: ERROR: Service is not available
    Can you please help me?
    Costas Evans

  87. Once I reactivated, it worked.
    Thank you for your help.

  88. Hey!

    Does the customer have to own a verified PayPal account to purchase the product?

    Andraž Rihtar

  89. Hello Ivan,

    This plug-in looks really good i have installed it, i ran 2 sales through the sandbox, however it has not generated links.

    I have now turned off sandbox and am waiting for a friend to purchase the item for real.

    Should the plugin generate links in sandbox mode? any reason why it hasnt?


    • Hi Harry. There are small bug, which doesn’t allow Sandbox mode to work properly. I fix it in version 2.23.

  90. So why does paypal give me different responces depending on browser? especially ie9

    chrome and firefox look ok…

    • It’s quite strange. I’ve tested plugin with the following browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8 (dont have IE9), FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari (Windows), Safari (iPad). Everything works as it must work.

  91. When someone clicks to buy and the transaction goes through (completed at paypal), is the customer automatically sent the download link or do we have to create one manually for them? Sorry, I’m not clear on that.

  92. peter muxworthy

    have you sorted out a way of uploading via ftp ?? i have just installed this plugin and what a wonderful plugin it is only problem i got is the same as others my server only allows up to 20mb i have tried using the php.ini but no results as it cannot override the 20mb set by the hosting company and cannot be over ridden i know with certain oc carts etc there is a work around where u upload a small file then upload the large file via ftp and just rename it to the small uploaded file but i cannot seem to find the small file i looked in the plugin/paid downloads its not there are files kept somewhere else when uploding or after uploading??

    • Hi Peter. I understand that there are the problem with large files and option to use FTP helps solve this problem. I will try to include this feature in the future. But I can’t tell you when it will happen exactly, because at present time I’m a little bit busy.

  93. Ivan. You are the man! This plugin is fantastic. Thank you

  94. Hi,
    I have the plugin installed ok and things seem to be going well except –
    when I try to upload a new file I get the error – ERROR: Service is not available and nothing will upload.
    Help please

    • Hi Ray. Please deactivate plugin and activate again.

      • sorry – I put out another comment instead of replying.
        I have now network deactivated and just mad the plugin active on one of my multisite blogs and it now uploads files

  95. My standard “pay now” button is selected but is not appearing on my Digital Subscription page. It was appearing but now it isn’t help please 😥

  96. i sent username and password so that you can get into dashboard


  98. peter muxworthy

    that would be great if you could include ftp or another way of uploading larger files and if you could perhaps include a google check out with paypal i would be well perpered to pay for this plug in as sure many others would as well

  99. Hello
    Thank you for this plug in.
    I have a real and strange probleme : all the fill I upload are corrupt when i try to download them, execep pdf files .

  100. Thank you
    it’s ok now with this line of code. I try to upload a bigger one and I telle you.
    ps : hope you will propose next time upload with ftp

  101. Sorry, an other question, how do we have to setup paypal ?

    Notification instantanée de paiement (IPN)?

  102. I wonder why we do not have to notify to paypal this ipn adress ?

  103. Lifesaver my friend. Donation coming your way.

  104. Hi Ivan!
    I really love your plugin! Great work! but I have question, can you help me to integrate your plugin paypal button with this CSS3 buttons? :

    I tried to change the code in the paid-downloads.php file, something like that:

    else if ($this->buynow_type == “paypal”) $button .= ‘

    Only $5

    but do not want to work:/
    CSS code i copy to style.css file in your plugin.

    Can you help me?

  105. hmmm strange, the php code disappeared in my previous comment, but I mean it the code from Codprps site I pasted below else if ($this->buynow_type == “paypal”) $button .= ‘…‘;
    and this “trick” does not work:/

    I’m not a programmer, so please forgive if I made a huge orr Epic! mistake:)


  106. Great plug-in. Perfect for selling my downloads. I too would like the ability to customise the return URL. I can do this within a standard PayPal button but it would be ideal within your plugin.

    • Hi Gareth. Thanks for positive feedback. I will include this feature into next version.

      • Hi Ivan. Any idea when this upgrade may be? I need the redirect URL so I can add Analytics code to track conversions.

        • WOW!!! That was quick. I’ve just tried the upgrade with the URL redirect. It works. Thank you so much Ivan for a great plug-in. I need to run a few more test to make sure it’s the right plug-in for me. Then I send a well deserved donation. Thanks again for the hard work.

  107. When I tested to buy an item I also get the sold confirmation e-mail from PayPal but not the e-mail with the download link. My hosting partner says PHP’s mail() should be enabled. Any ideas where to look?

    • Hi Jonas. If you tested with sandbox mode it will not work, because yhere is small bug with this mode. It will be fixed in next version.

      • Hi, it wasn’t using the Sandbox, I put a price of $0.10 and tested with a real credit card and I got the PayPal confirmation and I got money to the PayPal account and the plugin recorded it had been sold one time but I never received the e-mail with the download link. It’s not in the SPAM either. I have contacted my hosting partner (Surpass) and asked them to check the server. What function do you use to send e-mail? Anything else that could help them in the search to see if the problem is in their server rather in your plugin? THANKS!!

  108. i’m using this plugin but after making the payment it is not going to redirect paypal to this page also we are not recieving any confirmation email not even download link. Pls help on this asap.


  109. Now everything is working but but dowanlod link is not coming in email. there must be some problem in the code. Pls reply me asap.


    • Hi Shreesh,

      Could you please provide access to WP dashboard. You can send details to e-mail “ichurakov” that is located at “”. I will check what is wrong. Please also let me know what is you hosting provider.


  110. Nice plugin, it’s working now. Just a question, how can i change the button with à php link ?

    • Hi. I’m sorry but I didn’t catch what you mean by saying “button with à php link”. Button is linked to PayPal, so once you click on the button you are redirected to PayPal website to complete the payment.

  111. Great plugin! However, I’d like to offer more than one file. The first file is the product, the 2nd file would be a bonus incentive. Is it possible to add two files?

  112. The file I’m selling is 1.13 GB. My Web hosting company would not be able to handle many downloads of a file that size so I’ve purchased storage on a content delivery network. I need to be able to provide the download URL to Paid Downloads rather than upload the file to a folder on my server.

    • Hi Neal. In case if your file is located on 3rd party server it is impossible to create unique download URL thta is valid limited time.
      If you wish to use Paid Downloads plugin you can sell small text file which contains download link for large file located on on a content delivery network. OR if it is only one product you going to sell, you can include its URL into “successfull payment e-mail body”.

  113. Hi Ivan,

    I like your plug-in. It’s small, clean, and neat!

    I have two requests that I think will make your plug in even better:

    1) An option to use a URL for the Paypal button. Paypal changes their buttons from time to time, and using something like: instead of a static graphic file would be great.

    2) Add in the new Paypal Digital Goods for Express Checkout workflow. This is a very cool AJAX pop-up that provides customers a way to purchase without having to “leave” the site. Here’s a link on it:

    And here’s a good example of it being used:



    • Hi Kim. Thanks for your ideas. I will learn about Paypal Digital Goods for Express Checkout workflow and probably include it into next version.

  114. Hello!
    How can I add a payment method Robokassa?

    • Приветствую, Денис. Возможность принимать Робокассу временно отсутствует. Начальные версии плагина имели возможность принимать оплату через Робокассу. Вернее, я так думал. Дело в том, что у меня нет активного робокассовского аккаунта, и разработку плагина (включая тестирование) я вел, работая с тестовым сервером сервиса. На нем все работало как и должно. Позже, когда выложил, плагин в общий доступ, получил пару комментов, что “Робокасса не робит”. Пришлось выкинуть этот модуль приема платежей до лучших времен.

  115. I love this plugin. However on the site that im currently trying to build, the “Buy Now” text doesn’t show up on the CSS3 button. Know a way to fix it?

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for feedback. Please let me know URL of the page where you placed CSS3 button. I would like to see the problem to understand it.

  116. Hi Ivan,
    Is it possible to override the default button image?
    It would be useful to have an additional BuyNow button which can be added to the shortcode i.e. [image=”http://www…/button2.jpg)

    • Hi Gareth. You can choose custom image for button on settings page and upload your own button. There is no way to customize button image via shortcode.

  117. this is what i see when i clik on the download link in the email…
    How do I fix this issue… Thank You

    Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/entente1/public_html/ on line 4

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/entente1/public_html/ in /home/entente1/public_html/ on line 45

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/entente1/public_html/ in /home/entente1/public_html/ on line 46

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/entente1/public_html/ in /home/entente1/public_html/ on line 47

  118. The plugin works well, but I cannot believe that nobody has commented on the lack of protection for the files. It’s so easy to steal products using this system. All you have to do is go to and you will be able to download it without paying! This plugin really needs an option to specify a path that is outside the web root.

    • Hi Rob. It is true that nobody told me about this security hole. Thank you for that. But anyway if you don’t know the name of the file you can’t steal it. I understand that it is poor protection. So new version 3.02 has .htaccess protection against of direct downloads. It will be available in WordPress plugin repository within 30 minutes.

  119. That is very much appreciated Ivan. The plugin is excellent and does exactly what I need, and when I discovered the security hole I did rename the zip file to, etc. But if one person purchases the file, they will know the file name and will be able to share the link with others. Otherwise, keep up the good work. It works really well.

    • Thanks Rob. The new version 3.02 is available now. It has protection against of direct downloads.

      • Rob: You still can create a password protected zip file then write it down in the email sended after the purchase.
        Unfortunately, for the time being, we can’t have more than one password… Request? Yes! 😀

  120. Only just discovered wp-Ecommerce does not provide for product down load of my eBook and so I downloaded the Paid Downloads plugin. Can the two plug-in products be interfaced one with the other by duplicating information asked for on site and at Paypal? Or how do I approach download of product once PayPal Standard has approved either or both software plug-ins? HELP!

    • Hi. Paid Downloads is standalone plugin. You can’t use it as a part of any other plugins.

  121. Ivan: If I change the ‘notify_url’ from http://www…../paypal_ipn.php to my Aweber ipn, will this effect the automated email containing the download link?

    I’ve looked at adding additional ‘notify_url’s but this doesn’t appear to be possible.

  122. Hi Gareth. No, it will not work, bacause plugin IPN handler generates download link, save info about transaction to DB and send e-mails.

  123. Having trouble with large size files.

    Have updated php.ini file to include a larger upload file parameters – I have 2 audio recordings which are well within the 128M – I have uploaded into correct folder via FTP – still not showing up under “files” menu.

    What am I doing wrong here? any advice would be appreciated.


    file_uploads = On
    upload_max_filesize = 128M
    post_max_size = 128M

    • Hi Princess. Please let me know what version of plugin do you use? Did you uploadd files into folder: /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/ ?

  124. I love this plugin – it’s so simply & easy to use, and everything works perfect EXCEPT for one file, that seems to be too large to upload like the others. There are instructions on this plugin site that explains how to upload large files via ftp rather than straight off the WP dashboard, but when I do so I get an error message:

    “The item “FindingYourPerfectWork.pdf” could nto be moved because “paid-downloads” cannot be modified.”

    Do you have any idea how to work around this? I’m about down with the bookstore for my client except for this ONE title….

    Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa. Do you upload large file via FTP to folder /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/ ?

  125. Hi, as I would buyers to subscribe automatically to a mailing list I need a custom IPN. I set this IPN in paypal but the plugin is overriding it. Is there a solution to that?

  126. Hi Ivan. The document that i would like to upload is 9.56 MB in size. But the file won’t upload. I haven’t had this problem before. Is the file too big?

    • Probably file is too big for your PHP settings. Try to upload one to folder /wp-content/uploads/pid-downloads/files/ manually (via FTP).

  127. Hi Ivan,

    I’ve got a couple question that I’m hoping you can answer, and if not, possibly consider as ideas for a future features.

    1) I’ve done a lot of testing on the PayPal sandbox before putting this plug-in into production. Is there a way to clear all or selected entries listed under the transactions section of PDownloads?

    2) On the Links and Temporary Links pages, it would be great to have a checkbox next to each entry that could be used to selectively delete a group of links as opposed to deleting them one-by-one.

    All the Best,


    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Kim. Thanks for your advices. I will implement these features in next version.

  128. Is the download link generates sendbox with paypal? and is that a new link is added temporary link?

    • Ivan Churakov

      When you use Sandbox mode, the plugin works exactly the same way as in normal mode. New temp links are generated, sent to buyer, etc.

  129. Hi ichurakov
    At first I would like to say you tahnks for awesome plugin that helped me greatly. However I have question . I have aded it to this site for selling an ebook. Every thing is ok. I just want to know that is there any way to keep send the full information about the buyer so that I can knock that buyer for further query ? again thanks for this great work 🙂

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi. The payer details are sent to administrator e-mail address once payment is completed. You also can see them in “Transactions” section of plugin menu.

  130. Can this plugin be used for a multiple author website? I’d like to allow members to sell their digital products.

  131. I am currently completing the content of my web site. Have downloaded the paid-downloads plugin successfully, created the folder “files” in the plugins directory, have set the permission to read,write and execute for all users on that folder. I cannot clear the message:
    deactivate the plugin and create new “files” folder message. I have a standard installation of WordPress 3.3. The plugin looks perfect for my need. Can you help – is there a setting that i have not adjusted?

    many thanks

    Bill Kerridge

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Bill. What version of plugin do you use? I’m asking because folder “files” must be created automatically. If it is not, you need to create one manually but not is plugin folder. You need to create one in /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/.

      • Thanks Ivan. I have version 3.04 downloaded a couple of days ago. I realised my error in creating the folder under plugins and created another under uploads/paid downloads/files -. Same problem exists.
        Please ignore my second message on this subject. I missed the next button at the bottom of the screen and thought that i may have stuffed up my question.
        Thanks, Bill

        • Hello Ivan
          To be precise the upload folders on my site are:
          1 files and directories in / httpdocs / wp-content / upLoads / paid-downloads / files total

  132. I have a problem. I have deactivated the plugin, setup the uploads/files directories and set the permissions at read, write, execute (which I understand is equal to “0777”). I’ve tried logging out and in again. The message still appears at the top of the screen. I’ve checked with my local web host who has also checked the file settings.

    Can you help please?

    Bill Kerridge

  133. Hello Ivan
    Following on from my message above I have today tried deleting the Plugin and then re-installing. The version number was 3.04 and the install process worked fine. Unfortunately the result was the same. Once I activated the Plugin the following message was displayed:
    Please deactivate Paid Downloads plugin and activate it again. If you already done that and see this message, please create the folder “/wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/” manually and set permission 0777 for this folder.
    The folders on the local host are as follows:
    1 files and directories in / httpdocs / wp-content / upLoads / paid-downloads / files total. Read, Write and Execute permissions have been granted to all directories below wp-content.
    I have checked with the support team at my web hosting company and they say that the folders and permission look okay.
    I’m new to WordPress so I could be missing something simple.
    Regards Bill Kerridge

  134. If anyone is wondering how to prevent direct downloading of the files you’re selling, I found a simple htaccess edit that does just that. I found the solution at

    Simple add the following lines (make sure to change domain and path to match your site) to a .htaccess file and place it inside wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads

    AuthUserFile /dev/null
    AuthGroupFile /dev/null

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^* [NC]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^* [NC]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^* [NC]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^* [NC]

    RewriteRule /* [R,L]

    It works like a charm! Now, you can’t directly access a file, such as

    You can only download that file by using the link that the paid-downloads plugin generates.

    • Sorry, I just realized there is a typo in my last post. The 2nd RewriteCond should actually read RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^* [NC]

      There is a dot ahead of and there shouldn’t be one.

  135. I was having trouble getting large files to download (was getting a 500 server error), but I found a solution. All I did was add the following to my .htaccess inside the /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files directory:

    ForceType applicaton/octet-stream
    Header set Content-Disposition attachment

    Then, I commented out all the code in download.php (located inside wp-content/plugins/paid-downloads) after the line that checks if the file exists and before the end curly brace, then added the following lines:


    All this does is redirect the download script to the exact file location, and the .htaccess forces the browser to download the file, instead of revealing where the file actually is. I may be wrong, and someone could actually see where the file is located, so use at your own risk, but it seems to work just fine for me. That, along with the .htaccess code I posted earlier, should force the download AND prevent someone from accessing the file directly.

  136. Geeze, I’m just full of typos today…too much caffeine I guess. The .htaccess lines from my last post should actually read (they’re missing the files declaration):

    ForceType applicaton/octet-stream
    Header set Content-Disposition attachment

    • I guess it wasn’t my typo at all…this comment form actually removes the files declaration.

      [less than sign goes here]Files *.*[greater than sign goes here]
      ForceType applicaton/octet-stream
      Header set Content-Disposition attachment
      [less than sign goes here]/Files[greater than sign goes here]

  137. Sorry about the multiple posts, but I just discovered that my initial .htaccess rules for preventing someone from directly accessing the file doesn’t work if you redirect to the file. Oh well, I tried. I’ll keep playing with it, but I wanted to let everyone know so it didn’t confuse you.

  138. Dear Ivan,

    I set up the plugin and it is not working for me. I tryed with 1 euro and with free for download the file but it show me error. Here is the site link:
    And here is the problem:

    If you have a free time please help me.

    Best regards,
    Zsolt “tRUStY” Janes

  139. I’ve 2 problem with the plugin:
    1) it freeze after paypal payment, not redirecting to the welcome page; users have to manually click the paypal link to visit back the website of the owner;

    2) because of problem 1 then customer are not receiving the e-mail with the download link;

    any idea?

    • Hi.
      1) It is PayPal side problem.
      2) Problem 1 is not the reason of problem 2. Customer receives e-mail once PayPal send IPN request to your server. In your case it seems PayPal doesn’t do that. Please go to PayPal account, then go to merchant settings page and disable IPN handler there. It is necessary to allow plugin to set handler dynamically and get IPN-requests from PayPal. Check here:
      (It must be “Do not receive IPN messages (Disabled)”)

      • 1) understood, i’m going to create a new paypal account and force the return URL this seems to fix the problem

        2) the problem was i checked the flag to enable different handling of unverified customer; don’t do that if you sell ebook and just need email 🙂

        • 1) You can add URL into “License URL” field on “Paid Downloads – Edit file” page. If you enter URL there, PayPal IPN data will be submitted to this URL too.

  140. Hello, how can i also subscribe customer to an online services like Mailchip or Aweber after a valid purchase?

    • You can set custom return_url (please read plugin description how to do that).

      • Thanks, i see that return_url will gave me all the paypal data thru’ a $_POST variable like email, last name and first name; i wrote a script that register to mailchimp… maybe its an idea for an additional plugin that works togheter with yours?

        • You can add URL into “License URL” field on “Paid Downloads – Edit file” page. If you enter URL there, PayPal IPN data will be submitted to this URL too.

  141. I’ve installed this plug-in on my client’s site (under the Elm Street Library tab) but when I tested it with a purchase, I did not receive the email with the download link. I just received a “Receipt for Your Payment to Paul and Sarah Edwards” email from PayPal. What am I doing wrong?

  142. How can i subscribe people automatically to mailchip or webere after a successfull purchase?

    Maybe setting the return_url option to a PHP page of mine? In that case, wich variables will i get back from your paypal_ipn.php script?

    • You can set custom return_url (please read plugin description how to do that). In this case all transaction data will be submitted to newsletter service (like IPN request) after user click return button.

  143. Installed and works fine.
    I have one request.

    PayPal setting section (at the bottom), ID = email. I would like to use ‘Merchant account ID’ instead of email. Because of email is naked on source view.
    Please consider.

    • Hi Takeshi. It is good idea. I will learn about this and include one into next version.

  144. I have a problem with the plugin. It works and the payment goes through but no email gets sent to the buyer and no download link is generated

  145. Hi Ivan. After reading and executing your setup process, when I try to upload the file, I get a red bar at the top of your Paid Downloads – “Upload new file” page that reads “You must select or upload file” I’ve filled out title, price and chosen an mp3 file I created using WMP 11 with no license. Can you help?

    • Hi Mike. It seems the file is too big (what’s size is it?) and your server doesn’t allow to upload large files via HTTP (via browser). Try to upload file into folder /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/ via FTP (do not use spaces in filename, replace them by “-“) and select this file in combobox on “Paid Downloads – Upload new file” page.

  146. Hi Ivan.

    Thank you for continuing to develop/improve Paid Downloads.

    There are 2 requests that I’d really like to see in a new version.

    1. Ability to set a default return page (as well as the existing shortcode). Same for a cancel page. Currently if a user cancels the payment, they go back to the page they clicked on the buy now button.

    2. Ability to upload any sized buy now button. Not sure why you have a 300×300 max limit as most of the effective buy now and belcher buttons are much bigger than than.

    Also, would like to point out some minor spelling/grammatical errors.

    The default text in “Successful purchasing e-mail body’ with spelling and grammar corrected should be:

    Thank you for purchasing {product_title}. Click the link below to download the product:
    Please remember that this link is valid for {download_link_lifetime} day(s) only.

    In the successful purchasing e-mail body (for non-verified payers), the corrected text is:

    Thank you for your purchase of {product_title}. We will review your payment transaction and contact you as soon as possible (maximum 24 hours). Sorry for the inconvenience.

    For the Failed purchasing e-mail body, the corrected text is:

    We would like to inform you that we have received your payment for {product_title}.
    The Paypal Payment status is currently: {payment_status}
    Once the payment is completed and cleared, we will send the download details to you by e-mail.

    And the text for the Terms & Conditions should be:

    By clicking the button below, I agree with the Terms & Conditions

    • Hi Peter. Thanks for your ideas and for notifying me about spelling/grammatical errors. I will implement them in new version.

  147. Hi, I’m having all sorts of problems with this… 1. I can’t get the return url to work, it just takes out the buy now button when I put in the short code. 2. When I purchase something, I get an incomplete payment, although the payment does go through paypal. 3. The incomplete payment email I receive back has no data in the the {product_title} field. I’ve uploaded my files to the right folder and they are all assigned properly. Any ideas?

  148. It is a great plugin and we are using it now. It is simple yet pro too.

    One suggestion that we want to see in the next release is discount ccoupon for buyers. Is that possible? ❓

  149. Howdy Ivan. Nice work! Thank you for the plugin. It does not appear there is a shopping cart option to add separate files to one order. For us to be able to utilize this plugin we would need to be able to combine several files in one order. Thanks for your help.

  150. I can’t seem to find anyone having this basic problem. None of my customers who are paying receive download links, nor are any generated links being sent out. I tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin. I’ve looked at settings and can’t seem to find anything that I’m not doing or should be doing. Any thoughts?

  151. Installed plugin, uploaded illustrator file one .ai one jpg low res and the illustrator file zipped. Then I had my partner test on anothed mac through paypal the file would not download jsut a jumble mess! I am not a coder so please advise me on how to fix this
    here is part of the download message
    Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in —replaced path—/plugins/paid-downloads/download.php on line 4
    PKSV4@Valentinebunnies.aiUX 6ÁOMO÷÷ì½ ¼$WY> ùXƒd‰²ˆ×`€PÎÔ¾M&Õ]Ý]ÕkuUõŠ‰ÖÚµïÕ]Õ,P4,1a$,bPA €ˆˆ¬ƒ ²/Yd‘°ˆ_ÝÛs“™;“„8ùCn˜þÍí9÷Ô9ïÙžó¾Ï{–ºç ló|?ëÜÏáêkÎ:Þ‚¶BÕ9ëða°gdŠ®dÊRʼnà .$ad$™m¤ÕS¶úôƒo?Û”¶¿/‰n$[äNr±ÖJÂÛ¯Ôêv@Œa†’;o‹¦Æ,ŒÄÔx†aArȤ£–µÔ[ôZiÑ

    • Hello Karen. Please open file download.php and remove line #4 which is “set_time_limit(0);”.

  152. Hey Ivan, Looks like a great plugin and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m sure this may have been answered but couldn’t take the time to look through.

    Can I rename the short code, instead of downloads= id”2″, to something that I can keep straight and related to the product. Something like downloads= id”wfh”

    • Hi Geoff. Currently shortcode look like that: [paid-downloads id="2"]. To make it more related to product you can use it like that: [paid-downloads id="2" product="My supermegaproduct name"]

  153. Where i can send you my contrib return page that subscribe the consumer to Mailchimp after purchase ?

  154. Hallo admin,nice plugin but is it possible when i click the button enter paypal page in Dutch.

  155. Hello

    I wonder if it is possible to center the Paypal button?

    Because by default, i ballast always left-aligned and it is impossible to center.

    thank you

  156. HI, great plugin. Just wondering how I can center the buy icon image on my page.

    Any help appreciated.

  157. I get a notification from PayPal the payment is received. I can see the purchase in the plugin database. The link works. But the e-mails are never set out with the information about downloading the files.

    • Hm. It seems there are some problems with mailing functionality on your server. Try to do the following experiment. Add new WP user and set checkbox “Send this password to the new user by email”. Then check e-mail that you received the message or not.

  158. Awesome plugin! Just wanted to say thanks and I’ll be sending a donation your way.

  159. Have same problem as some others ie. payment goes through but no email sent to buyer or download link generated.Did what you said ”disable IPN handler” but still no joy. HELP PLEASE! Thanks.

    • Please send me WP dashboard login/password to e-mail which is located at and ID is ichurakov.

      • Have done this but no response!Is it actually possible to use Paid- Downloads on site that is also selling hard copy through Paypal? IE.You say ”Disable IPN handler to allow plugin set handler dynamically”. Paypal says IPN MUST be enabled for me to get notice of order for a print- very confusing!!!!!!

  160. Working great for paid products. Can I also use the plugin for a free digital download where the person wouldn’t have to go through paypal?

  161. Can I also use the plugin for a free digital download where the person wouldn’t have to go through paypal?

  162. Just making sure I’m doing this correctly. I’m using a few different custom buttons. When I upload a custom button and list the name of the product, that product is associated with that button.

    If I want to use a different custom button and associate it with a new product, the new uploaded custom button is associated with the new product.

    So I’m asking can I use different custom buttons with different products?

  163. uhm… PDF downloads are OK but ZIP are not, i get corrupted files, very strange, there are no errors into the script it must be something wrong with the headers or with the php.ini settings; provider is BLUEHOST.

    Any clue?

  164. looks like the ZIP problem after hours of debugging is caused by include_once(‘../../../wp-load.php’);

    when commenting it on a test file it will works (so its not a bluehost problem or a header problem)

    is there another way to use WP librarys?

    • disabled wp_minify and wp_supercache and it works
      i think that those plugins when using wp-load.php are turning on gzip that is making ZIP files corrupted

      • FIX! In download.php after the wp-load.php inclues insert those 2 buffering lines:


        it clears gzip and start an empty buffer not compressed… i hope!

  165. final solution is here it says that wp-load.php is too much, just including the config and the DB library necessary for the query. Its midnight, i’ll try tomorrow after resting 🙂

  166. Hello,
    I’ve added paid-download at my homepage but it is not possible to pay by PAYPAL. After pusching “BuyNow” the link goes allways to a sandbox and there its only possible to open a PAYPAL-Test-Account!
    Did somebody have an idea? 😉
    Thanks for your help!


  167. Ive made the make in the box (Enable PayPAl sandbox mode) ... but it didnt work … I allways get the LINK to the sandbox. Not direkt. At first I get the LINK to … … and there I have only the possibility to push the LINK to the PayPAl Sandbox. 😉

    Another idee would be helbfull. 😉


  168. IT works 😉 … Thanks 😉

  169. Hi,

    I’ve uploaded 5 files from my server via Filezilla, but then all of a sudden I get a “Service is not available” message when trying to upload further files. Why? I’ve also tried uploading direct from my hard drive and keep getting timed out. Any ideas? Please!!!

    • Please deactivate the plugin and activate it again.

      • Have tried this. Still the same problem. Don’t get it as I’ve already uploaded five files. Any other ideas? Thanks.

        • Hi Alex. It is strange. This message appears only if the plugin has problems with updating database.
          Could you please provide WP dashboard access. I will debug the problem. You can submit credentials via the form on this page: Contact Me.

  170. Great plugin! I’ve been using it for months without a single glitch. Donation coming your way!

    One request for the next update – a coupon/promo code option! While I love the functionality, almost every type of checkout experience includes a discount option. I see that as the one big downfall of this plugin. Other than that, no bugs or issues. I love when things just work!

    If you were to include the coupon field in an update, any idea on a timeline when such might be available?

    • Thanks for your donation. I appreciate it. I got several requests about implementing coupon option. I think I will include it into next major update. But for now I can’t tell you when it will happen.

  171. GReat to hear that the normal short code works but the extent like: [paiddоwnloads id=”XXX” return_url=””] does not work. How to fix?

  172. please help!
    everytime a download link is sent I receive an error message when trying to receive the file saying “file not found”.
    I believe maybe its because the file is too large?
    I have read above about uploading the file through ftp. could you please tell me where I should save it to? is this what I should be doing ot fix the error?

    Any help would be most appreciated!
    thank you!

    • Hello Michael. You can upload files via ftp into folder: /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/ Please avoid spaces in file names. If it doesn’t help please provide access to WP dashboard and FTP-details. I will debug the problem. You can submit your details using form on this page:

  173. With tne new version (the latest), I can’t donwload anymore big file. There is no set_time_limit(0); to take out ?

    I had no probleme before

    • Hi bjp. Could you please provide access to your WordPress dashboard. I will debug the problem. You can submit details via the form on this page:

      set_time_limit(0); still exists. I’ve just moved it into main plugin file.

      • I prefere to try to make it work, or next upgrade I will have to call you again.

        Line 1190, I read :
        if(!ini_get(‘safe_mode’)) set_time_limit(0);

        Do i have to delette set_time_limit(0)
        because I already try this but the probleme with big files stay.

        Thank you

  174. Hi Ivan,
    Love the plugin. Tested and worked great and worked for first buyer. Now it doesn’t work.

    I have 3 large mp3 files uploaded. Testing the client’s link brings me to the home page, with the key url in the address bar. But no file download.

    I tested creating a manual link: same result. Full keyed url but no download.

    I tested on back-end using the “download file” icon on the Files page: Similar result… url shows /?paiddownloads_id=3 (or id=2, or id=1, I tested all of them) but no download.

    I have a small jpg file up there as a test, and that works just fine. So maybe it’s a size issue? I don’t know…

    Thanks for you help. I really appreciate it.

    • Hi David. Did you upload mp3 files via FTP? If so please let me know the filenames. Please also try to avoid using spaces and non latin-symbols while uploading through FTP. You also can provide access to WP dashboard and I will check what is wrong. You can submit details via this form:

      • ok. I sent an email via the contact form. Let me know… Thanks! 🙂

        • Hi David. The problem is in WP Super Cache plugin. WP Super Cache plugin doesn’t allow WordPress to work normal way. To resolve this problem it is necessary to go to WP Super Cache settings page, then click on “Advanced” tab and set checkbox “Late init. Display cached files after WordPress has loaded.”. I did it for you.

  175. Is there a way for someone to purchase more than one product at a time?

  176. Having the same problem as others above, but I can’t quite resolve it. The payment goes through to PayPal, but lands there as “unclaimed”. The purchaser then gets an email:

    “We would like to inform you that we received payment for .
    Payment status: Pending
    Once the payment is completed and cleared, we send download details to you by e-mail.”

    I have searched all through the plugin settings and PayPal account settings and I cannot find any settings that will result in the purchaser receiving an email with the download link.

    This is an awesome plugin … just as soon as I can get it to work! Thanks in advance for advice.

    • Hi Greg. Purchaser receives download link when payment status is “Completed”. It seems you have to approve received payment from PayPal side.

      • There is no setting in PayPal to approve a payment, that I can find. When someone pays, it’s just there. The status is “unclaimed” … From the PayPal site:

        “If your payment is unclaimed, it means that the recipient hasn’t accepted it yet. There are a few reasons why your payment might be unclaimed.

        A payment might be unclaimed because:
        The recipient hasn’t signed up for a PayPal account yet.
        You sent money to an email address that the recipient hasn’t added to their PayPal account. As soon as they add the address to their account, the money will show up in their balance.
        The recipient is still deciding whether they want to accept your payment. (This can happen if you don’t have a Confirmed address.)”


        So to me, this means that the Paid Downloads plugin has not completed the process by “accepting” the payment.

        Any suggestions on how to proceed from here?

        • got it to work…and it’s great! The problem was that the plugin creates an email address, “”, in the setting screen which I didn’t catch. Once that setting was changed to the verified PayPal email account, everything works just fine.

  177. when i am in PAID DOWNLOADS -FILES section and i click on a file to download, i get the following error;Duplicate headers received from server
    The response from the server contained duplicate headers. This problem is generally the result of a misconfigured website or proxy. Only the website or proxy administrator can fix this issue.
    Error 346 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_LENGTH): Multiple distinct Content-Length headers received. This is disallowed to protect against HTTP response splitting attacks.

    any ideas why? i have tested this on 2 separate sites with same problem

  178. I made the site a couple of months ago and only used the plugin on pages, worked fine. Now I am adding articles and want to use the plugun, I am copying the exact code from the pages where it already works. But surprise surprise, the order now button doesn’t show up. I tried with different articles but each time the same. Am I doing something wrong??

  179. Trying out this plugin. Overall I like the ease of use. But when product is paid for at PayPal a download link is not sent?

  180. trying this plugin version 3.10 on wp3.3.1
    No emails are sent, how to fix that ?
    When ‘Add Link’ is choosen, file selected and ‘owner’ email adress is entered, no email sent either.

  181. Is there any way I can make it so the the e-mail with the download link won`t go to spam folder?

    • Hi Theo. Set “Sender e-mail” as real (existing) e-mail address with the same domain as your website domain.

  182. Any possibility you can add an option to use a custom link for uploads (in the admin panel) instead of using the “upload” button to use a custom link?
    Now there is only 1 folder, paid-downloads/files ,
    which can create an issue if you have 1000 files.

    Also , a counter that can be publicly displayed would be perfect! This would make it perfect!!! I will definitely donate if I`d have those options.

    • Hi Theo. I’m sorry but I don’t have plans to add file link instead of (or together with) upload. The reason is that in this case it will be necessary to use your website as proxy (that is prohibited by most shared hosting providers) otherwise it is impossible to provide download link which is valid during limited period of time.
      About counter. Probably I will add shortcode that will allow to insert this number.

  183. I need a plugin that allows me to send an encrypted link to a client so they can down load a file. I don’t need the payment interface for this project. Is it possible to upload the file and then enter the clients email address. The plugin then sends the encrypted link and then the file can be downloaded.

    • Hi Rick. Now you can do like that.
      1. Upload file.
      2. Generate temporary download link which is valid for limited period of time.
      3. Send this link to user manually.

  184. Hi Ivan,

    Great plugin, just what I was looking for as an alternative to getdpd. I hope you include a simple affiliate system into it at some point, that would make it complete. Keep up the good work!

    Michael Bach

  185. New version doesn’t work for me. After install/update i have:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in wp-includes/user.php on line 258

  186. Is there anyway to get this to work with PayPal IPN enabled? I use my paypal with another script as well that depends on it for stats.

  187. How can i tell if a file is downloaded even if the price is set to 0.00? Thanks

    • I’m sorry. I didn’t catch what you mean. Please explain. If you set price as 0.00, there will be download link instead of “Buy Now” button.

  188. Hello, It would be really cool if you can add a shortcode to display the total downloads number (or show it even as a widget). I will definitely donate if I`d have this option! Thanks

  189. Hi Ivan,

    Your plugin is great, it doesn’t have the bloat of others I tried. What I would like to ask and see if you can implement in next upgrade/update is the ability to add a tracking code. I would like to add the google analytic tracking code to each file, so it will show up in the google reports. In the admin side of the plugin, it will show how many downloads have been purchased, but I don’t know from where the purchase came from or if they landed on the purchasing button, I would like to track and see why they didn’t buy. This way, I can edit my content to have less “cart abandonment”.

    Thanks again for your great plugin.


  190. Hello, Thanks for this plugin.
    I am using wordpress right now but I don’t want to use it anymore. Can I use your plugin without wordpress? I know I should change your code, can you explain which parts of the code I should change? It would be great if you add a standalone version of your plugin.
    Or do you recommend a standalone script like yours?

    • Hi. It’s not so easy to explain the changes. Too much of them. It’s like to create script from scratch.

  191. I’m trying to use this plugin with Custom Post type, which is created as a “post” type post but for some reason shortcode fails to convert to the PayPal button.

    • Hi Alex. It is strange behavior. Could you please provide access to your WP dashboard, I will check what is wrong. You can submit details via the form on this page:

      • Thanks, I submitted login details via form. Please feel free to email me if anything else I need to provide.

        • I’ve just fixed the problem. It seems that you took shortcode [paiddownloads id="1" ...] from my website, but not from table on “Files” page. On my website shortcode has invisible typo (Cyrillic “а” instead English “a”) to avoid auto replacing by “Buy Now” button. Now everything works as it has to work. 🙂

  192. I love this plugin, but one drawback I recently ran into is that when my customers checkout they can’t provide an address… I wanted to allow customers to buy the physical copy of my clients album, but allow him to receive the digital download immediately to enjoy while they wait for the physical copy to arrive… is there anyway to implement receiving their addresses?!?
    please please help… also if you can implement this please let me know, and also send us an image where we can promote your works on our website to show our appreciation.

    • Hi Joshua. I understand your request and will try to implement it into next version. For now you can do the following:
      1. Edit paid-downloads.php by removing line #1737 (plugin version 3.12) which is:

      2. After that every message that you receive from PayPal about any transaction will contain customer shipping address entered in their PayPal account.
      3. On your page you can explain that physical copy will be sent to address taken from customer’s PayPal account.

  193. Hi, Everything is working ok except
    that a download link is not generated.
    I tried buying a book from myself using a guest paypal account and did not receive a link even though paypal received the payment.

    What is happening do you think?


  194. Hey there!
    This plugin is really cool. One question though: Is it possible to let the customer decide on how much money he wants to pay for the product?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Till. Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, plugin doesn’t have such option.

  195. hi Ivan, im sure your sick of seeing the same old message about no download link after purchase! i have the same problem, i see that you keep asking for access to peoples wp, please state in your reply, all the possible things that u would check, once you have access to my control panel, that way others could use your response, to go through all the falut finding procedures that you use, my ipn is disabled in my paypal, my file permissions are correct?? i get this page after purchase 😳

  196. Nice Plugin! Just seem to have an issue you maybe can help me with – the buy now button does not work, my code says it cannot find the function – which is there?

    You can see this here:

    And I get the error “Uncaught ReferenceError: paiddownloads_bd39a51d98d911e34ff81c2abbe2cc42b is not defined”

    Any Ideas?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi. Some of your plugin break my plugin code. It replaces word “Download” by hyperlink to that breaks JavaScript code. If you open at source code of the page and find line # 201, you see this:
      alert(“Please enter valid e-mail. Download link will be sent to this e-mail address.”);
      Here “Download” is hyperlinked. But in my plugin – it is not.

  197. Hello, great plugin.
    Would it be possible in the future to add an option to change prices for more than one item at a time?

    If I want 10 products with the same price, it`d be nice to to it with one click instead of do each product individually.

  198. Hi! I tryed this plugin and bought a file several times with paypal creditcard payment option (not all byers have paypal) I donty recieve any mail with downloadlink!!???

    Whats up with that?

  199. I modded the plugin to customize the button.

    I added a label attribute to the shortcode.

    I replaced by input type=button by button class=

    Very useful to fit my current theme.

    This is a simple and nice modification you can eventually add.

    Nice plugin!


  200. I also see that the plugin doesn’t support UTF-8. So when I enter french chars they are fuzzy. Thanks

  201. Прекрасная работа, Иван.
    Если можно, проясни 2 момента – если часть товаров у меня – не файлы, а услуги, как их добавлять? Плагин ругается на отсутствие файла. И второе – если продажная страница не является частью wp, а просто кусок html, можно ли туда впихнуть какой-нить код, чтобы этот плагин работал и с ней тоже?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Приветствую, Андрей. Большое спасибо за отзыв. К сожалению, плагин предназначен для продажи файлов. Т.е. вам нужно загрузить файл. В качестве костыля, можете загружать простой текстовый файл с описанием услуги. Понимаю, что решение так себе, но для другого плагин не предназначен. Насчет вставки кода в стороннюю странцу. Тут тоже однозначного решения нет. Можете попробовать выдернуть HTML-код, генерируемый плагином, и вставить его в стороннюю страницу. Один момент – в заголовке этой страницы (между <head> и </head>) подключите jQuery и CSS файл плагина. По ссылке можете глянуть пример внедрения кнопки в стороннюю страницу:

      • Спасибо, оба варианта в принципе подошли. Я сейчас перевожу плагин на русский для клиентов, если есть необходимость – скину перевод. Странно, что ты сам этого не сделал. Хотя наша публика не любит кнопку Donations))) Удачи.

        • Ivan Churakov

          Думал перевести плагин сам, но когда увидел полный список фраз для перевода, энтузиазм куда-то пропал. 😛

          • привет еще раз. дошли вот руки до перевода, половину уже сделал, но что-то не видны результаты – в папку languages я пытался и положить, и переименовывал его в default-ru_RU, и во все, что угодно. локаль в wp стоит русская. что не так?

          • Привет, Андрей. Файлы должны называться paiddownloads-ru_RU.po и

          • работает. я чуть-чуть не дожал, вариант был paid-downloads-ru_RU.po )) по готовности вышлю файл перевода

  202. Hi Ivan
    If I want to délette the “set_time_limit”
    Do I have to clear these 4 lines of code ?

    if(!ini_get(‘safe_mode’)) set_time_limit(0);

  203. Hi,

    It looks like there is a problem with Paypal button size. Tried changing for different button options, however they all get stretched out for half of the screen. Any suggestions?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Andy. The problem is with theme stylesheet. Look at line 243 of this file. It has “width: 45%;” that increases the size of button.

  204. Hello,
    I love this plugin and it was working great yesterday, I tested it and it worked awesome, but today I don’t see the “buy now” button on my site. Do you have any suggestions why this might be?

  205. product download in zip format: file broken. any suggestions?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hello Klaus. Could you please provide access to your WP dashboard. I will check what is wrong there. You can submit details via form on this page:

      • Hello Ivan, i sent you login information to wordpress. Found any error?

        • Ivan Churakov

          Hi Klaus. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the reason of problem. I spent couple hours researching the problem with no result. For some reasons your server cut the tail of big files. I don’t know why it happens. Probably because of some server settings. I don’t know. I’m sorry for saying that but you can’t use the plugin with your website.

  206. I have translate it in chinese. can you add it to the

    and can you add to payment for our these chinese users?

    you can visit for details.

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hello. Many thanks for your translation. Could you please send it to ichurakov at gmail dot com an I will include it into plugin. About AliPay I can’t tell you exactly now. I have to learn this payment method.

  207. Question about having [1] paid download but they receive a link to more than one file. I have a set of 4 files that a user would buy. The reason I have 4 files is that I’ve split up the downloads into multiple files because its easy for the end user to download that way.

    Is this possible? If so how could this be done? Adding all 4 files into one zip file doesn’t do what I’m asking. This is all about small file sizes.


    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi. Unfortunately Paid Downloads plugin doesn’t support shopping cart. Probably I will add such feature in the future, but I can’t promise that. 🙂

  208. greets

    everything was working swimmingly and then without changing a sausage now get the following message

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

    followed by an unfeasably large url – whtas the crack??? anyone know??

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Tom. Please describe how I can see the problem.

      • dear ivan

        thankyou for getting back to me – so the best way to illustrate the problem is to take a look at the following mp3 file screenshot and you will see a picture of my mp3 files – some with artwork and others with just the generic black cover with a pair of musical notes.

        I have uploaded the mp3’s with artwork to paiddownlods directory but on downloding the file returns without artwork.

        I have left the top track on my website url free to download so that you can see for yourself.

        i have noticed the following discrepancy which might be the cause of the problem – on upload the file is an mp3 but in the paiddownloads directory it is stored s an MPEG which while similar might have a few differences – not sure tho.

        please advise further if you can because my customers will be expecting to download my music tracks with artwork as you find in itunes etc.

        many many thanks for a brilliant plug-in – I will be donating as soon as up and running.

        best tom

        • sorry – ivan i replied to an earlier query above which I have solved…but the artwork problem described is confusing.

          apparently mpegs and mp3′ are the same so that is not the problem…i tested sending the mp3 with artwork via email and the file is transferred with artwork intact so I cannot see any reason why the artwork should be lost in the paiddownloads download…

          as before – many thanks


        • Ivan Churakov

          Hi Tom. Thanks for detailed explanation. Could you please check that downloaded file has exactly the same size as uploaded file.

  209. great plug-in – tho I have a problem with my mp3 files – i upload them with embedded artwork – they download without – do i need other access privileges from my host – wots going on?? anyone know??

    • hi Ivan

      i have done that and am now even more confused –

      before artwork – 4,540,934 bytes

      with artwork – 4,555,398 bytes

      uploaded – 4,555,398 bytes

      downloaded – 4,555,398 bytes

      so nothing is being lost in the transfer but the artwork will not show on download – weird – any ideas ivan?

      thanks tom

      • hello again ivan

        further to the above discussion:

        I have run all the diagnostics i can think of with itunes etc – i have downloaded the files from within my site via ftp and they work fine – have artwork and can be imported to itunes – the problem arises when i download the file from the site page via the browser – i have checked across all browsers and the same issue occurs – no artwork and itunes cannot open the file although the file size remains consistent with the upload size.

        baffled ❓

        hope you can help



        • hello again ivan

          further to the above post

          I have spoken to the developers at pa-software who design an ID3 tagging software for mp3’s so people can add data and artwork etc. they made the following comment

          “You may find that if the download plug-in expects audio data it might be treating the ID3 tag as data even though it should not. This is suggested by it working when no tag exists. The problem is that the tag is created in a way that stops it being considered MPEG data so this would be a fault with the plug-in.”

          I’m not sure if this will help anyone at all but if it is the case it would be very important that sellers of digital downloads would be able to add artwork to their music products.

          as always – many thanks


  210. I am using the Photocrati theme for WordPress. I have over 100 image files I would like to offer for sale via download. All will be the same price. Is there a way to do a bulk download of these images and is there a way to set them all up at once, or do I have download and set up each file individually? Thanks, Alisa

  211. Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I just got my first sale using it!

    But for some reason an empty zip file (with the correct name) is downloaded from the link that is generated.

    I checked 4 of my files using the manual link generator. 2 download correctly but 2 download empty zip files.

    So I uploaded a new zip file and the same thing happens – an empty zip file is downloaded.

    Any ideas why this is happening and how I can resolve it?

  212. Ok, just did a couple of tests.

    It seems zip files over 15 MB can’t be downloaded using the generated download links. Instead an empty zip file is downloaded.

    Is there any way to resolve this?

    (I have no problem downloading larger files from my server without using the plugin)

    Thanks for any help.

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hm. I don’t know how to resolve this problem yet. It seems that your server doesn’t allow PHP to open and read large files.

  213. 1) Not that this is a huge deal, but I would like the option of removing older transactions. I ran a couple through myself to test the process and my name being listed under the transactions is annoying.
    2) Also I would like to know if I am able to sign up with all 3 payment processors currently available at once and utilize them all.
    3) I would also like to know if I can by-pass the whole “unverified user” portion. I had someone purchase a download from me in the middle of the night and because they were unverified with PayPal, they did not receive their download right away. They were a little upset because they were waiting and waiting and looking forward to listening to it at that moment or before bed. Of course I was sleeping so I was unable to send it manually…

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Amy. Thanks for advice about option to remove transaction. I will include it into next release.
      I didn’t catch second question exactly. Please explain. You can use 3 payment processor all together. In this case buyer will have option to choose what payment method to use.
      About “unverified user”. Just remove checkbox “Handle non-verified payers” on plugin settings page and all unverified users will be considered as verified.

  214. I’ve translated into German. How can I use the language file?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Marc. Just rename files to paiddownloads-de_DE.po and and place them into folder “languages”. If it’s OK you can send files to ichurakov at gmail dot com and I will include them into next release.

      • there’s only one file in my version of the plugin… do I have to duplicate the file to get two versions?

      • …and your tipp doesn’t work. Do I have to make any other changes?

  215. Hello,
    I really love the CSS3 button, but I would like to change the color? (just more green) How I have to do? Thanks in advance and keep up this fantastic work!

  216. I’m looking into a project that requires a pay-as-you-like workflow for the download link. Is it possible to build this in as a feature?

    For an example, see and click the “Buy Now” button to see a window pop up that lets the user type in the amount they wish to pay (they could also enter “0”) before they are given the download link.

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Matt. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have such function. I will think, may be I will include this feature in the future.

  217. Hi. First off I want to thank you for a great plugin.

    But now it has suddenly stopped sending out emails. Even when I create temporary links the receiver doesn’t get any mail.
    Do you have any clue on what may have caused this? It has been working perfectly until now.

  218. Hi, awesome plugin thank you!

    Just got one issue. When I set it to free the buy now button is replaced but a hyperlink. If I make a “free download” button is there a way to change it to an image?

    I have tried looking at the code but it’s a little beyond me :s

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Charlie. Please open file paid-downloads.php in editor and find line #1655. It looks like:

      You need to modify this line some way like that:

  219. Hi, Could you please advise how I can centre the short code paid downloads button ?


  220. I can help you to translate plugin on serbian, croatioan, bosnian, slovenian (they are the up down the same), italian and german.

  221. I am trying to use the one from WordPress but it’s not sending out emails. I’d probably buy the pro, but I’m afraid I’ll the same issue. There’s another using having the same issue on the wordpress forums. Is the problem just with the free one?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Scott. Please check FAQ. Also try to deactivate any cache plugins if you have it.

      • Thanks, I did follow the steps in the FAQ, but it’s still not sending emails. Could this be because I have a personal Paypal account and not an upgraded membership? I couldn’t find any settings in Paypal for IPN, and when I goto IPN history I get the message “Feature Not Available for Personal Account”

        • Sorry for the comments, this is an issue with my test site, it’s not sending any emails out, thanks for the help. 😳

  222. Is it possible to know when a file is downloaded even if the price is zero?

    • I would really love to know if there’s a way to know if a file with a price of ‘0’, or set to download for free, is downloaded. It appears that the plugin only records downloads that have a price, for example, $1.00 or $10.00 etc. But if the price is ‘0’, there’s nothing to indicate that the free file was downloaded. Thank you.

  223. Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to also show how many items are left after someone made a purchase.
    I sell limited items and now I have to manually change how much items are left after I sold one.
    I sell pretty much daily and it keeps me busy all the time.
    Is there a trick that can help me out a bit?

    by the way.. love the plugin.. !!!

  224. автоматическое обновления курса рубля
    и автоматический вывод средств

  225. для Интеркассы забыл написать)

    • Ivan Churakov

      Спасибо. Любопытный скрипт. Может кому пригодится.

  226. Adding the shortcode to a page works fine. I’d like to add it to a text widget in the sidebar of every page, but I only see the shortcode [paiddownloads id="1"]
    Site still under construction:
    Any ideas?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Your theme must support shortcodes in widgets. It’s easy to implement (only 1 line of code). Please find it via Google. 😉

  227. GREAT plugin! so easy to use! now i can’t wait for the coupon addition! and affiliates would be a great integration as well 🙂

  228. В интеркассе видно что-то поменялось недавно, форма покупки перебрасывает на пустую страницу. Полечилось правкой атрибута action на:


    • Ivan Churakov

      Приветствую. Кажется это какие-то проблемы на стороне Интеркассы. Иногда все проходит корректно, иногда белый экран.

      • В примере платежной формы на сайте Интеркассы в action используется именно httpS, так что есть смысл поправить http на https и в плагине.

  229. Hi Ivan – great plugin, I’m glad I discovered it – it has simplified things for me greatly 🙂

    Small problem – I can’t get it to work with “W3 Total Cache”. When clicking on an encrypted download link, I get page not found. As soon as I disable the cache plugin the download works fine.

    I know of the “late init.” checkbox setting required when using “WP Super Cache”, but don’t see anything similar in the W3 Total Cache settings.

    Do you happen to know if there is a setting to make them compatible?

    Many thanks 😎

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Jeremy,

      You need to exclude from caching the pages that have substring “?paiddownloads_ipn” in their URL. I don’t know if “W3 Total Cache” has an option to exclude URLs from caching, but most caching plugins have such option.

      • Hi Ivan – thanks very much for that tip, I think I saw some sort of option in there to do that.

        Thanks again for this great plugin!

  230. Hi Ivan,
    i upgraded to wordpress 3.4 and the plugin doesn’t work anymore 🙁 the buttons are empty links.

  231. Will the shortcode for the paypal button work in a sidebar (text)widget?

  232. I have translated 40% of the Russian language.

    I wanted to see how it happened.

    I tried to replace the name.


    Nothing has changed.

    How to change the language?

    Thank you.


    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi. You must check what locale is in you wp-config.php. Let’s imagine that it is “ru_UA”. Then you need to create two files and paiddownloads-ru_UA.po and place them into folder “languages”.

  233. Thank you, corrected to “ru_RU”
    Translated into Notepad + +, there was no file “.mo”

    Wait a program using Poedit

  234. Hello, i must congratulate you for this plugin. I tried many other one before I installed yours. It is the easiest to use. My only question is how can I center the Buy Now button? I will have some files placed in columns and design-wise I would like to have the buy now button centered, not to the left as it appears now. Many thanks!

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Roberto. Thanks for feedback. Try to wrap shortcode with tag <center>: <center>[paiddownloads id="XXX"]</center>

  235. Got it! It works! Thanks!

  236. Dear Ivan!

    In PayPal Sandbox mode i get through the payment process at sandbox with the demo user, however in the PDownloads panel i do not find transaction in distory, nither the e-mails were sent to admin nor the customer e-mal.
    Setting are quite simple, so i can not understand what can be the reason for this. Should your plugin work in sandbox, also?

    • Of yourse i meant “history” instead of “distory”, however after reading though the above i see that sandbox mode should have worked, and the emails should have been sent. So still no idea why not in my test case.

      • I tried to test now with no price setting, but then (logically) the plugin does not send e-mails with the download link, but offers the file for download. So i stll do not have and can not test any e-mails sent by plugin.

  237. Hi Ivan

    Is there any way to add downloaders to a list on mailchimp?

    I think this is possible when it’s a pay-for download – through PayPal?

    How about when it’s a free download – can this be done?

    Thanks, Richard

  238. Hi there, is there also a way to change [paiddownloads id="1"] to an URL instead of the wordpress code?

    I want to combine this plugin with my MP3 player, so people can buy the songs in the MP3 player, instead of clicking the made BUY button.

  239. Привет, всем!!!
    Вроде все настроил, вроде работает. но после оплаты клиенту на почту приходит линк и после скачивания файла (zip) и открытии архива выходит ошибка, что архив повреджен. И при самостоятельной генерации выходит данная ошибка…Загружал файл через фтп, менял права на файл на 775, но ошибка осталась!!!

  240. This is what I’m looking for, but it says I have to upload the file to my server to have it downloaded. Can I use this plugin if the item is hosted elsewhere?

  241. Hi Ivan,

    I just discovered that the “add link” option does not send out the e-mail. Seems the same like Michael in
    Sender email is valid, but “Handle non-verified payers is unchecked” i do not know whether is it needed to be checked.

  242. Found for myself. In an bove answer you hav wrote to John:
    “When you create download link manually, the link is not sent to person automatically. You have to do it by yourself.”
    OK. I could not find any info about this in the manual pages. Maybe i have overlooked.

  243. Dear Ivan!
    I join those, who would welcome a coupon option to this plugin.

  244. Hello. First off, thank you for the plugin, it has been very helpful to me over the past year or so.

    I too am having troube with the plugin. It has been working well for over a year but yesterday the download link generates this error message:

    “Not Found
    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    Search for:”

    Also the plugin sent me ten administrator messages “Completed Payment Received,” rather than the usual single message.

    I tried to download the link from the wordpress dashboard paid download settings – flies, but it creates the same message.

    I upgraded the latest version, created the folder “files’ as instructed, and created a test file. The test file does appear in the folder in my webhost files, but when I try to dowload t using the plugin dashboard, it creates an error message, “That webpage is not available.”

    Any suggestions on how to fix?

    Oh yeah, I am using wp version 3.3.1.

    Here is the full error message that I get when I try to download a file from the plugin dashboard: This webpage is not found
    No webpage was found for the web address:
    Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.

  245. Hi again.

    I solved the one mentioned above by repeating the steps of deactivating and activating the plugin for a second time.

    But now there is a new problem, which is actually a problem i’ve been having on and off since I first started using the plugin.

    When I download a file or a customer downloads a file, the file has been somehow corrupted and is unable to be opened. On my mac I get the error message:

    “Unable to unarchive “file name” into “Desttop”. (Error 1
    – Operation not permitted.)”

    Is this a known issue? I spoke with my web-server and they said it’s nothing at their end…

  246. Well hello there!

    I have been using your plugin for some time, thanks its great!

    1 problem i have is that people are asking me to send them the file they purchased, so they are not getting an email and it is not in the spam box. is there any way of testing this?


  247. Also a great feature is to know how many times each file has been downloaded!


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