Paid downloads plugin

Paid downloads plugin easily allows you to sell any digital content. The plugin automatically delivers the product (temporary encrypted download link) to your customer after completed payment done via PayPal, AlertPay or InterKassa. You only need to upload files and insert shortcodes like [paiddоwnloads id=”XXX”] into your posts or pages.


  • Obsolete php function “eregi” replaced by “preg_match”.
  • Fixed problem with UTF-8 characters submitted to PayPal.


  • Added option to request shipping address from PayPal.
  • Added option to view transaction details.


  • InterKassa payment method added (BETA).


  • AlertPay payment method added (BETA).
  • Plugin is translation ready.


  • Added option to use Merchand ID as well as PayPal e-mail ID.
  • Increased maximum size for custom “Buy Now” button (up to 600×600).
  • Plugin architecture changed.
  • Old shortcode was replaced by new shortcode . Old shortcode works too!
  • Typos fixed.

Using the plugin

1. Install and activate the plugin like you do with any other plugins. Once activated, it will create a menu “PDownloads” in left side column in the admin area.

2. Click left side menu “PDownloads >>> Settings” and do required settings. Set your PayPal ID, AlertPay ID, InterKassa parameters, e-mail address for notifications, e-mail templates for success and failed payments, download link lifetime, etc. You also can customize “Buy Now” button.
Paid Downloads plugin: Settings page

3. Click left side menu “PDownloads >>> Files” and upload the files you would like to sell. In this section you also can set the price for your files, see all payment transactions, generate and see temporary download links. Also you can upload large files through FTP-connection (upload them to folder /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/) and assign them in this section.
Paid Downloads plugin

4. Once file uploaded look at column “Short Code”. This is short code which you can insert into your posts or pages. The short code is like that: [paiddоwnloads id=”XXX”] (XXX – is an ID of file). You also can extend this short code by adding return_url parameter. For example, if you wish to redirect your customers to “” page after successfull payment, you can insert the following short code:
[paiddоwnloads id=”XXX” return_url=””]

5. Go to any post/page edit page and insert short code there. This short code will be replaced by “Buy Now” button automatically (or by download link if the price is 0.00).
Paid Downloads plugin
Paid Downloads plugin

The workflow at front-end

If user decides to purchase your digital product, he/she can select desired payment method and click “Buy now” button. After that the user will be redirected to PayPal, AlertPay or InterKassa website to do the payment. After payment was done (completed and cleared), the user receives download link which is valid 2 days (period of validity is defined by administrator). Download link is sent to user’s PayPal or AlertPay e-mail. If user paid with InterKassa, download link is sent to e-mail entered during payment procedure.

I also would like to say “thank you” to everyone who leave feedbacks. It allows to improve quality of plugin.

Plugin is translation ready. Please help to translate it to different languages.

If you have any question please leave your comment below. Also, please read Paid Downloads FAQ.


  1. Ivan Churakov