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Google +1 Locker plugin is another good solution for website promotion via Google Plus social network and Google Search. With Google +1 Locker plugin you can hide part of your content (for example, images, download links, passwords or other important information) from users. User must +1 your page on Google to view hidden content.

Google Plus is fast-growing social network. And Google is most popular search engine as well as most visited website in the world. Nice spot for your website promotion. Isn’t it? Google +1 Locker plugin will help to add thousands of fans to your WordPress site on Google. More fans is more traffic.
The plugin allows you to wrap part of your post/page in a “Google +1 Locker” that will require the user to like the post/page to view the full content!

How it works

Below you can see how the plugin works. I have some interesting information, but it’s hidden for you until you +1 this page. To view full content just click “+1” in the box below. 🙂
This content was hidden. It is visble for users who +1 this page on Google.
You can place any content here…
If you don’t +1 this page, you see locker box (like below) instead of this text:
Google +1 Locker: example of locker box

How to use Google +1 Locker plugin

1. Install the plugin. It is installed as any WordPress plugin.

2. Now you can wrap any “secret” content with shortcodes [gplusonelocker][/gplusonelocker].

Please check out several examples below:

This content is hidden. It is visble for users who +1 this page on Google.

[gplusonelocker message=”Type any message here to replace default message by yours!”]
This content is hidden. It is visble for users who +1 this page on Google.

You also can use special button with your WYSIWYG-editor (screenshot below) to insert Google +1 Locker shortcode.
Google +1 Locker: WYSIWYG-editor button

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 🙂

The price of Google +1 Locker plugin is 5.00 USD only. You can purchase it by clicking button below. Once payment fully completed you receive download link by e-mail (It is sent to your PayPal/AlertPay e-mail). This link is valid 48 hours only. If you have any questions, please drop them here.

Buy Now5.00 USD

Please note, if you have unverified PayPal account, download link will be sent with some delay (up to 24 hours). We apologize for inconvenience.

PS: If you like to lock your content with Facebook Like, Google +1 and Twitter Share, visit this page: Social Content Locker.

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