Donation contest widget

Donation Contest Widget is a plugin which allows you to add donation contest box to any widgetized area of your website. Just look at the right side column of this website and see what I mean.

It works like the following.

Front End

1. The widget can be easily inserted into any widgetized area of website like any standard WordPress widget (drag and drop).

2. Once added users can see donation contest box (like you see at right side column of this website). This box displays three group of donors in rotating mode. The first group is the TOP X (X is defined in WordPress admin area) donors for the last 30 days starting from now. The second group is the TOP X donors for last year starting from now. And third group displays TOP X donors for all the time.

3. User can click “Donate” button and make donation. Once donation done, user’s name will be stored in database and if donated amount is high enough his/her name appears in TOP X donors list.

Back End

1. The plugin is installed like any other standard wordpress plugin. The only thing you have to do is to set derictory permission 0777 for folder /wp-content/plugins/donation-contest-widget/uploads (this folder is used to store custom donate button).

2. Once installed, it will create a configuration page in the admin section where the admin can do required setting such as PayPal ID, “thank you” message, number of TOP X donors to be displayed, custom “donate” button, widget stylesheet etc. You can see the list of plugin settings at screenshots below.
Donation Contest Widget

Donation Contest Widget

3. The plugin also adds new widget into widgets list. So you can easily drag it and drop into and widget area.
Custom Opt-In Form plugin

Download Donation Contest Widget

This version of plugin doesn’t have input field for donor’s URL.

You can purchase the plugin which contains input field for donor’s URL (as you can see on right column) below. I sell this plugin for $7.00.

Buy Now7.00 USD

Before installing paid version, please deactivate and remove free version. Do not install paid version together with free version.

If you have any question please leave your comment below. You also can try it by making small donation. 🙂


  1. Hi Are you planning on adding other features? For example:

    1: Be able to put it on a page.
    2: Create more than one contest for different things like: kid garden, shoe box, whatever etc…

    That’d be awesome!

    • Thanks Owen. I will think about that. Probably I will add these feature in the future.

  2. Hi,

    Is there an option for the donor to select the currency of the donation?

  3. i love this plugin looks cool and unique. Any updates? I’ try this one.

  4. Hi..
    Would it in the future be possible to have a choice to manually edit donators?
    I have readers that donate through bank and I would like to put them on the list..

  5. When someone donates we get: We would like to inform you that Peter ( donated 2.00SEK on 2011-10-27 23:47:19 (server time). This is non-completed transaction.
    Payment ststus: Unrecognized

    Donation was not included into donations list.

    What is wrong. Money shows up in PayPal but no donation in the widget.

    • Hi Anne. Thanks for your message. It is my fault. It happens if you get non-USD dontaions. I will fix it within 1 hour and re-upload plugin to WordPress repository.

    • I’ve uploaded version 1.30 to WordPress plugin repository. It will be available to download within several minutes.

  6. Hi Ivan, Is it possible to allow donors to their add url to encourage them to donate more?

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Gary. I include this option into ToDo list. But I can’t tell you when I have time to implement it.

  7. Hi Ivan, thanks for your reply. I’ll take it for seven buck if you include the url input field. I’ll send payment tomorrow. Thanks again

  8. Hi admin

    thanks for you plugin I am testing at the moment.
    Is it possible to generate a download-link which is only valid for one paid download?
    At the moment, the buyer could spread the download to all his friends, as it is valid for one day!!
    To set “available copies” to 1 would be wrong, as I want to sell the same pdf several times…..

    Thankx in advance!

    • Hi Lutz. I understand your idea. Probably I’ll implement this feature into next version but I’m not sure. I have to think about it. The reason is the following. If buyer really decides to spread the download to all his friends, he/she can send it by e-mail as attachment.

  9. Hello, yesterday I was looking for a pluging for donations and I had found this one. I like it. I did not try it yet.

    What I would like are 2 things:

    1. Integrate it in one page not only in sidebar. I would like to show all donators.

    2. Is there an option to show a Progress Bar to the total amount of donations received through the website. Let’s think I’m collecting donations for a trip that cost me $ 1000. I would like to show how far reaching the goal.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Ivan can’t find the donation contest plugin with input url for backlink.

  11. I just purchase your plugin Ivan so where is the download link.

    • Ivan Churakov

      Hi Jaime. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. The download link was sent to your e-mail.

  12. Hi Ivan,
    This looks like the perfect plugin for us and I’d like to donate $7, but is there a way to allow the person to add a custom name or use only the first name? I don’t want to display entire pay-pal names.


  13. Actually Ivan, would you be willing to discuss developing a custom plugin for us (one very similar to the two you have shown me)?

    If so, please use the supplied email to contact me.

    Thanks again,

  14. Same question as Anne Above. Money was taken out of paypal account but nothing was donated. Widget is fixed now but where did the money go? The person who donated is very angry and I need to get this solved.

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