Custom Opt-In Form plugin

Custom Opt-In Form plugin allows you to add custom opt-in form into your posts and pages to collect visitors’ contact details. The plugin has internal autoresponder so everyone who submits their name and e-mail will receive message defined in plugin settings page. The plugin is useful for landing pages based on WordPress.
It works like the following.

Front End

1. You can easily integrate custom opt-in form into any posts or pages. You only need to insert the following code into their body: [opt-in-form]. As the result your visitors will see form like that:


You can create your own custom opt-in form design. Just modify any of existing templates. There are two of them in folder “templates”.
standard.html – you see it on this page;
basic.html – basic form that can be used to create your own template.

2. If the user decides to submit his/her contact details, they will be sent to server without refreshing the page (using AJAX). After that autoresponder sends e-mail message (with attachments, if required) to visitor’s e-mail address. Content of this message and attachments are set by administrator. Please try opt-in form above to see how it works.

Back End

1. The plugin is installed like any other standard WordPress plugin: just copy folder “custom-opt-in-form” into WordPress plugins folder “/wp-content/plugins/” and activate it via WP dashboard.

2. Once installed, it will create “Opt-In Form” menu section in WP admin panel. It has two menu items: “Settings” and “Users”. On “Settings” page you can do required setting such as opt-in header, “thank you” text, content of e-mail messages, attachments, etc.
Custom Opt-In Form plugin: Settings page

Custom Opt-In Form plugin: Settings page

3. On “Users” page you can see list of submitted contact details. Admin also can download the list as CSV-file to use one with any newsletter software.
Custom Opt-In Form plugin: Users page

The price of the plugin is 20 USD only. You can purchase it by clicking button below. Once payment fully completed you receive download link by e-mail (It is sent to your PayPal e-mail). This link is valid 48 hours only. If you have any questions, please drop them here.
Please note, if you have unverified PayPal account, download link will be sent with some delay (up to 8 hours). We apologize for inconvenience.

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  1. Hi, I bought this plugin (and many others from envato)

    I miss the bulk delete option because I collect hundreds of emails per day (and I don´t want to delete one by one).

    You already did it to subscribe and download plugin.
    Will you add this feature to the Custom Opt-In Form plugin?


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