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Paid Downloads FAQ

The plugin Paid Downloads is getting popular, but sometimes people meet problems with it. In this post I would like to summarize the problems, that people met, and suggest solutions of them.
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Prevent website infection

While working through, I regularly come across with projects about removing malware from websites. When I do such projects I always check server logs to understand how malicious code appeared on server. In most cases (more then 90%) infection come through FTP-connection. But how malefactor gets FTP-access without knowing FTP-credentials? Read more »

Add menu and submenu to administrator panel

If you are beginner in WordPress plugin development, you might be interested in technique how to add menu and submenu to administrator dashboard. If so, this tutorial is for you. We are going to add new menu to administrator panel using two functions: add_menu_page() and add_submenu_page(). Read more »

Adding custom fields to attachments

WordPress has extended functionality that allows to create media library. As WordPress developers sometimes we need add custom fields to library items. Today I would like to describe how to add custom fields to attachments. Read more »

Move WordPress website to new domain

Being a freelancer on I get many projects related to moving/copying of WordPress websites to new domains. There are several ways how to do that, but today I would like to explain the easiest method.
Moving/copying procedure consists of three major steps:

  • Copy WordPress database.
  • Modify WordPress database to make website working under new domain.
  • Copy WordPress website files.

Below I describe each step in details. Read more »

Hosting for WordPress website

We already know how to choose and where to register domain for your WordPress website. I explained that earlier in article Domain for your website. Now I would like to describe how to select right hosting for WordPress website.
First step that we have to do is to check WordPress minimum requirements page. As we can see, to run latest version of WordPress our hosting must have couple things:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

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Domain for your website

Let’s imagine you decided to run your first WordPress website. There are two major steps that you need perform to become a “part of Internet”. First of all you have to choose and register domain for your website and secondly you need to purchase hosting. Advanced users can tell you that both steps might be combined into one, because most hosting providers give you free domain once you purchased their service for 6 months or more. But I don’t recommend you to use this option. Why? Read more »

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