Article Sponsorship

Do you have WordPress website? Are you a great author and people like what you write there? Allow them to become sponsors of your articles with Article Sponsorship plugin. This plugin add list of sponsors to posts/pages as well as an option to become a sponsor for everyone. All they need to do is to fill up simple form and pay small sponsorship fee (plugin accept payments through PayPal, AlertPay or InterKassa). Nice way to monetize your blog (and talent). Isn’t it?

Front End Functionality

The best way to describe how the plugin works is to show live example. Look at the bottom of this page. There is sponsorship box there. You can become a sponsor by submitting simple form. If everything is OK, system asks you to confirm provided information and redirects to PayPal, Payza, Skrill or InterKassa to pay sponsorship fee. After successful payment sponsor’s name will be included into the list.


1. Install and activate the plugin. Once activated, it creates menu “Sponsorship” in left side column in the admin area.

2. Click left side menu “Sponsorship >>> Settings” and do required settings. Set your PayPal ID, AlertPay E-mail, InterKassa parameters, sponsorship fee, e-mail templates, etc.

3. Click left side menu “Sponsorship >>> Sponsors”. In this section you can manage all sponsors.

That’s it! Article Sponsorship plugin starts making money for you!

If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contat me and I’ll help you.

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February 2024